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Operating Systems

Submission + - VM Enables 'Write-Once, Run Anywhere' Linux Apps

An anonymous reader writes: A startup will soon launch 'a kind of holy software grail,' according to an article at LinuxDevices. The dual-licensed (one of which is GPL) technology is claimed to enable more or less normal Linux applications to run — without requiring recompilation — under Windows, Mac, or Linux, with a look and feel native to each. 'As with Java, Lina users will first install a VM specific to their platform, after which they can run binaries compiled not for their particular OS, but for the VM, which aims to hide OS-specific characteristics from the application. Lina comprises a platform-specific application that virtualizes the host PC's x86 processor... A lightly modified Linux kernel (2.6.19, for now) runs on top of the VM. Under the Linux kernel is a filesystem with standard Linux libraries modified to map resources such as library, filesystem, and system calls to analogous resources on the host platform.' Further details, including an entertaining video or two are at

Submission + - Fix what slows Apache down by optimizing PHP

An anonymous reader writes: As the load on an application increases, the bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure become more apparent in the form of slow response to user requests. This article discusses many of the server configuration items that can make or break an application's performance and focuses on steps you can take to optimize Apache and PHP.

Submission + - Life Imprisonment for Copyright Infringement

ronadams writes: "P. Parameswaran writes in his AFP article:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he proposed comprehensive legislation to Congress Monday against copyright thieves, including raising the maximum penalty to life imprisonment and seizing the illicit profits of offenders.
Nick Ferrel at the Inquirer confirms the reports and adds a few interesting insights of his own. Good to know RIAA is a vital part of the US Government. I must have been asleep when my Government & Law professor glossed over that one."

Submission + - World's wireless trasmission distance record broke

Brethil writes: According to Torino's atheneum managed get a stable wireless link between Capanna Margherita (Europe's highest shelter, 4556m) and Pian Cavallaro, 300 Km far away. To achieve this they used old "386" computers running Linux and directional antennas. The link speed was about 20 Mb/sec and it was used to make broadband connection available to the shelter's guests and to send a webcam's photos to the iXem Laboratory at Torino's Polytechnic.

Link: (italian) tecnologia/wifi/record-collegamento/record-collega mento.html

Submission + - Lessons From a Honeynet Attacked 700,000 Times

JMoon writes: The attacks have been thick and steady, and the relentless attackers appear hell bent on taking control of as many vulnerable systems as possible. This article will focus on providing some basic guidelines that will serve to assist you in conducting your own vulnerability management and performing scans against your own systems and networks, in the hope that you will identify and remedy any serious vulnerabilities and bugs in advance of the unyielding hackers, ultimately resulting in computer systems that are secure and protected.

Journal Journal: Google Summer of Code 2007 Accepted Projects Listed

The Google Summer of Code website now provides a full list of the projects accepted for Summer of Code 2007. Organizations have a varying number of accepted slots ranging from about 3 projects up to 10 or more for some of the larger organizations. Lets hold a congratulations for all the accepted applicants and best wishes for successful project completions.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Dog Swallows iPod - Owner Finds in Poo Working

Funny Finder writes: Last Friday in Dalton, Georgia 23 year old Mark Clamp found his iPod Shuffle he had been missing for the last 4 days. The bad news is it was sitting in the middle of a pile of poo his dog Frank had just left on the back walkway.Rest Of The Story

Submission + - Stem-cell bill faces veto -- again

gollum123 writes: "cnn reports The Senate approved a measure that would roll back President Bush's 2001 limits on embryonic stem-cell research Wednesday afternoon, but the margin was short of the two-thirds needed to override a promised veto ( index.html ). In a statement issued after Wednesday's 63-34 vote, he said he would veto the new bill as well, saying it "crosses a moral line that I and many others find troubling." Fourteen Republicans supported the bill, while two Democrats voted against it. One of the best statements was by Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, a staunch opponent of abortion rights — "I'm hopeful that the president won't veto this, because I think he can see — anybody can see — that it's just a matter of time until we get this through""

Submission + - Google technology highlights Darfur genocide

surfcuba writes: " -google.html

Google Earth and the U.S. Holocaust Museum have teamed up to map out areas of the Darfur region of Sudan, where
200,00 people are estimated to have died in the carnage.

Google says detailed maps of the region will show villages and even individual buidlings that have been destroyed. The maps will link to eyewitness accounts, photos and relevant data about the crisis, provided by the UN and NGOs."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Karma 3

I have noticed that whenever I get modded + Funny my Karma goes down.
Is this normal? I can't seem to find anything in the FAQ about it.

Submission + - Global Warming, Not All That Bad?

Moses48 writes: "An interesting article from a Meteorologist about global warming. Is it really such a bad thing? Take note of the credentials of the author. "A warmer climate could prove to be more beneficial than the one we have now. Much of the alarm over climate change is based on ignorance of what is normal for weather and climate.""

Submission + - GMs JET POWERED CARS

Flumbo writes: " 91/

In 1950, General Motor 's larger than life head of styling, Harley Earl, brought the look of a fighter jet's curved windshields, nose cone and afterburner to his LeSabre dream car. People responded to the designers' jet age creations and Earl pushed the concept to its illogical next stage — he ordered up a real jet powered show car.

Interesting article about the retro future of the 50's. Has video of the cars."

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