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Comment Re:A pre-emptive "Welcome home" to all of them (Score 1) 386

I am an American Civilian. I am from Texas, and I chose not to enlist after high school (which included four years of MCJROTC). Unlike most of my buddies, I worked my tail off and amassed a trivial amount of wealth and now have a young family. I knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn't want, maintaining control of my life was high on the list. I saw directly through the recruiters sales pitches and blatant lies. I produce tangible things that can be bought and sold and my income is derived through contracts between interested parties as opposed to taxation. I care about everyone and dread the day when I am forced to take a human life.

The way I see it, you signed up for a job. Suck it up and do it like the rest of us. Sorry that your pay is crappy, you have to live in bad conditions and get shot at, but like you said; you knew that going into the deal. I care about you doing your job probably about as much as you care about me doing mine. Your story about the enlisted Portuguese doctor is heart warming but likely a rare case.

I have friends and family in the armed forces and have come across many stand up people from the armed forces in my travels. I have absolutely nothing against people of any professions or walks of life. In fact, we could probably have a chat over a few beers and have a great time.

It's not that people don't want listen, it's that many have grown weary of hearing about your tribulations and it being implied that somehow you are more important than "us". Like it or not, you are just another cog in the machine.

Comment Re:A pre-emptive "Welcome home" to all of them (Score 1) 386

Nope, these guys and gals went to Iraq because they felt good about holding a gun in their hands and shooting "bad guys."

This is probably the case with the "generation" that is packing up, but the original set were more of guys and gals looking for a ride through college on the taxpayers dime, those looking to "see the world", bored with the small town life in the Mid-West, and who got suckered by recruiters.

I had several friends that were on the cusp of being discharged when all this mess started who never thought they would set foot in a combat zone.

Comment Re:Facebook has the users and the games. (Score 1) 519

His ham radio "circle" *are* people who do use G+. I think there is even a new feature that allows you to share a circle with others.

But anyway, I am brushing back up on my CW. I took a long hiatus and I have gone back to the 0-1 wpm copy. I am usually on 75 or 40 SSB in the early morning / late evenings.

I am still working out a plan to get back on 20. It's my favorite band, but I am getting a lot of RF in the shack on only that band for some reason.

I use eQSL occasionally. Not sure how that got set like that, but it is changed now. LoTW seems like too much work, maybe someday. I also have a stack of paper cards for the old timers. :D


Submission + - USPS Has A Hard Time Letting Go (

kd5zex writes: In its death throes, The United States Postal Service is launching an ad campaign to bolster the silly justifications for maintaining an antiquated and unprofitable organization.

Here is a gem from one of the ads, according to the Washington Post:

“A refrigerator has never been hacked,” an announcer says in the first message as an actress pins a paper bill to her fridge.

Comment Re:What an over sensationalist title (Score 1) 899

A little of both? (---That was only a little lighthearted sarcasm in case you didn't catch it.)

The funny thing is that a good portion of OUR oppressors are of the very same ilk as the person that you claim is helping you. "They" don't care about you and are never going to help you unless it benefits "them".

But please, elaborate on your oppression. I am keen to hear about it.

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