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The Almighty Buck Buys Out 67

Tristan Louis noted that at some point announced their purchase of LinuxStart. LinuxStart, according to the press release is "a leading resource and search engine for the Linux community providing Linux information, tools, applications and more." If you're looking for Linux* domain name opportunities, hurry because linuxninja, linuxtomorrow, linuxtv, linuxpenguin, linuxbob, linuxpaper, linuxpop, linuxtraffic, linuxvision, linuxphone, and of course, are already taken. No we're not kidding.
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  • I wonder if any of the porn-meisters are going to jump on the Linux bandwagon. I can see it now:,, among a host of (much more obscene) others.
  • by BJH ( 11355 )
    OK, I'll take a shot at guessing what these are (without peeking, of course):

    linuxtraffic - ML archive
    linuxtomorrow - Linux-related press releases
    linuxtv - TV applicatins (like XawTV). Or a Linux-based settop box.
    linuxpenguin - Stuffed penguins
    linuxbob - Fnor!
    linuxpaper - Paper as in "newspaper", perhaps?
    linuxpop - A free mail server
    linuxvision - Ditto with linuxtv above.
    linuxfood - Penguin mints and free pizza

    And, finally:

    linuxninja - Bill Gates's crack team of asssassination experts.
  • Well, go look for yourself!
  • nope. linux is great, ya hoser :P -motardo
  • by BJH ( 11355 )

    Come to think of it, linuxpaper could be a site promoting toilet paper with little penguins printed all over it...
  • And these are just the ones _beginning_ with Linux-:

    Hundreds of linux domains taken []

  • Look here [] full examples of names you can no longer get unless you pay money.

    And I have several of them myself, such as [] :-)
  • [] reports "Matches Found: 2001 (limit reached)" when searching for "Linux". Let's not list all of them here, please.

    Regards, Ralph.

  • But I really want to go check out
    You know that one is gona be a real winner.
  • by BJH ( 11355 )

    Um... I was just listing the ones that Hemos gave in his post. Nobody here is giving a full list of Linux-related domains. What's your problem?
  • I can't believe I finally got my site [] mentioned in a SlashDot story. :^)

    P.S. To the poster who mused that LinuxNinja was ``Bill Gates's crack team of asssassination experts'', I can happily say that we have nothing to do with (spit!) Microsoft. ;-)

  • by jeroenb ( 125404 ) on Thursday December 23, 1999 @09:21PM (#1448332) Homepage
    Everybody is attempting to secure loads of linux* domainnames because they think a good domain name is important for reaching a large audience. The most popular sites however are probably,, and some others that don't begin with linux (ok there are ofcourse some exceptions) so in the end - content matters.

  • Just kidding ;) Actually, I was surprised to see that you're the home of the LAME guide - nice work!
  • While this initally stuck me as a bad thing, it certantly wouldnt be that bad if the origional owners of the sites maintain creative control of the site. If that is the case, they still make money, makes money, we still get the same stuff that we normally would from the websites, everyone is happy.
    If they don't maintain creative control, god knows what could happen. Wouldn't be great if one day you go to and it forwared you to Yikes!!!
  • However, is NOT taken.

    I have the feeling the registrars are about to be slashdotted!
  • As a solution to the shortage of Linux domain names, why not ask ICANN to add a .linux or .lin domain name? We could all get our Linux domain names easily, and Linux help and resources would be easier to find.

    Also, why would anyone really worry that is taken? Does this really matter? Unless a Linux Guru named Bob wants a domain name, why worry about it? I can understand, and all of the other ones.'s takeover is just another sign that Linux is becoming mainstream. realized that they weren't on the Linux bandwagon, and they wanted to be. The buyout also foreshadows things to come. Linux distros and resource sites will be bought up like crazy. Don't be suprised if Symantec or some other fairly powerful Windows products company buys a distro (not Red Hat, because of it's market power, but SuSE, Mandrake, etc.).

    Hey, could anyone do me a favor? I'm in this contest for a look-a-like of a character in after Y2k, this comic strip. Could anyone go to http: // kecontest/gallery.html [] and vote for geek number 1? Please?
  • by xeno ( 2667 ) on Thursday December 23, 1999 @09:34PM (#1448337)


    Isn't that the new Microsoft distro?

  • ...are pretty good business it would seem. What are Internic / NetSol's numbers for the past few years? $70 for a database entry...
  • Of course content matters in the end. But no one knows your content is there unless you can bring them in for the tour. A catchy name can help. And a name easy to remember can help keep them coming back until you reach critical mass.
  • All the fools beleiving they can strike it rich by buying up all the linux*.com domains are wasting their time. All the best sites have names that have no relation to linux or are totaly off the wall (slashdot, freshmeat, etc ,etc).
    You'd be better off with a team of crack monkeys pounding at keyboards if you were trying to get a valuable domainname for a linux site =]
    Its the content that makes the site, not the name. NightHawk
  • if they add a .linux TLD, don't you think those will just fill up as fast?

    Of course there will be the rush/race to see who registers microsoft.linux first!
  • This is an important issue. Hopefully the old owners bring this up to the new owners during negotiations. Otherwise they're just buying a domain. Fortunately some buyouts do the right thing (e.g. Andover, Slashdot, Freshmeat).

    Now when will the corporate types realize they also need to hire some Linux types, and actually give them some responsibility to do cool stuff. There are lots of people out there who won't mind someone else getting rich as long as they get to do cool stuff (and pay for the house).
  • Now if the page was just a tad bit easier to read. At least on the monitor where I sit, the blue on blue and light beige on green and light blue is very hard on my 42 year old eyes.


    So that you don't think this is just a negative reply, I did enjoy what I saw of the L.A.M.E. Guide ;-/

  • I'm completely jealous. Everyone on the 'net has been talking about my domain lately and it didn't get mentioned in a slashdot article.

    (And in the immortal words of Dr. Evil, "'s called a homonym.")

  • I use netwizards... $50 for two years.

  • Are you using MSIE? I don't have a Windows machine, myself, and so I just made sure the site looks good under Netscape as well as Lynx. I was shopping in Akihabara last week and brought up my page at a computer store for fun, and was surprised at how _bad_ the colour choices look under MSIE! (MSIE doesn't support different <TD> and <TR> colours in tables?)

    I'll think about possibly resolving this problem in the future. ;-)

  • I agree. Much as I deplore frivolous litigation, maybe this would be a good time for Linus to invoke his trademark to clear out some of the squatters. Him, or that Swedish detergent company...
  • Nice page! I even bookmarked it :-)

  • ...I'd check out the page with it. I am using MSIE v5.

    I have made the mistake of not including support for Netscape on pages I have done, so it's understandable.


  • And these are only the matches for 0-9 and A-F, but still it lists 264 domains.

    Using VERY simple extrapolation (27/7 * 264), 1018 linux domains should exist....

    Erik Hensema (
    n-th comment! Yeah!

  • What's your problem?

    That I didn't apologise sooner. Sorry. (Not enough sleep last night.)

    Happy Holidays and Merry Millenium everyone!

    Regards, Ralph.

  • heh, it looks bad for me too... and im only 17!

    probably just ie 5 and the guy's using non-standard tags.

  • by emmons ( 94632 )
    nobody ever mentioned my domain! here and I thought it was stupid enough that everyone would want to see- i mean laugh at it. huh.

  • ok, I guess that describes allot of people... but I think this is a bit too dumb:

  • aww, i really don't think it bothers linus, and he probably doesn't really care. besides, it would be pretty expensive...

  • by emmons ( 94632 )
    perhaps someone should buy it and forward it to a page explaining why M* sux.

    if only I had money...

  • by BJH ( 11355 )

    Thanks :) I know how it feels to be running on three hours of sleep two days ago and a stomachful of caffeine...
  • LINUXDOMAINHISTERIA.COM isn't taken yet and neither is IWANTALINUXDOMAINNOW.COM. I'm sure someone will be buy IWANTALINUXDOMAINNOWDAMIT.COM after the shorter version is snatached up.

    What we need is a Linux specific TLD: lnx. Of course we'd need to relagate all these investors to a subdomain to keep them out of the way: wannabe.lnx or fauxgeek.lnx perhaps.

  • Hey, I go to check out, and discover that I know the owner!!

  • Hey all,

    One thing I found (and I own a ton of domains, although no linux ones, I just like to use em for different stuff). Is that if you are patient and you really want a domain and the person is just a squatter, you'll get it when tthey either have to pay money for it the first time, or , when they have to renew. It's already happeneing now. I got two domains I really wanted just by waiting.

    You can check if money is owed on the domain by going to the registar and pretending to pay thier dues (but don't complete the transaction). I know this works with netsol, I'm not sure about the rest.

    Chris DiBona

    Grant Chair, Linux Int.

  • []
    Joshua C. Stein
    Superblock Information Systems
  • Someone bought
    linuxwine is avail. though, so is linuxbooze
    linuxfun is taken, so is linuxsex, but not linuxporn (where am I supposed to naked penguin pin-ups these days!?)
  • by / ( 33804 )
    Homonyms have the same spelling but different meaning/origin. Homophones have the same pronunciation but different spelling/meaning/origin. The distinction between the two has been blurred of late, but that doesn't give even a mad scientist the right to help it blur further.
  • is taken, and is preparing to launch in January with some interesting articles you'd never see on Slashdot.
  • Yeah, but as posted here almost daily, the name is only the starting point. Who would have thought 5-8 years ago that Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon and etoy/etoys would be household names?

    Granted having will help with a little branding and some hits off of searches, but any real value will come from content and content alone.

  • I think my favorite, by far, has to be

    Tee hee! Finally, a 900 # for us computer nerds! :)

  • What's in a name? A lot these days, thanks to hype.

    Beyond that? Really not all that much in most cases. Agilent's an HP spinoff. Ascend's a dismal failure that was bought by Lucent which was broken off from AT&T. But what about slashdot? No history, save for chips&dip. Freshmeat? History? What history? What's that for? Some new karate studio that runs their finances on Linux?

    I don't know about all of you, but I'm about ready to get AWAY from Linux. Why? Partly so I can honestly say 'no, I don't run it,' thusly deflecting in excess of 50 outright STUPID questions a day. Why else?

    Probably because most of all, development has been cheapened. Greatly. I look at the codebase daily - not ac, not any silly fragmented tree - the codebase Linus okays. 2.4 by the end of Q1 2000? Does anyone reading this even have any clue whatsoever of how long the world ran 1.2.13 as stable and 1.3.x as unstable? I'm going to have to guess not, seeing as everyone is hyped up about 2.4.

    Look, flat out, there isn't enough real changes to warrant a 2.4.x versioning. Period. And the development is so rushed and frenetic, it makes me physically ill to look at the i386 tree some days. It's rediculous. I see code without any bug checking, with typos, with just generic brokenness all over.

    I'm not saying Linux isn't stable; it definitely is. But things are going too fast, being too rushed. Whether or not technology is going fast, things like OS development just aren't meant to go fast. Linux simply will begin to fail at attempts to become a mature OS if such frenetic development continues.

    The distributions aren't helping either. I'm starting to lose faith in even Debian. Everyone's rushing to egcs AKA gcc 2.9x.x ad infinitum. glibc 2.1 is now the norm, even though it *should* be glibc 3.x due to the fact that it's not back-compatible in the *least* with 2.0x. It's breaking kernel compiles with bad asm in the code, or bad asm generation by egcs.

    As much as I hate to say it, Windows is a mature OS in many ways. No, not Win95 itself, but it's core, MS-DOS. (Whether or not MS will admit it.) MS-DOS was originally developed over 10 years ago. In 10 years, it has had a slow but steady development tree (ignoring the 6.0/6.2/6.21/6.22 fiasco) and is actually reasonably stable. (It's the GUI itself that is unstable.) Linux is now attempting to forego all conventional wisdom even *further* and simply rush development. That's what happened with the Windows 95 GUI, in case you all forgot.

    Now, look at XFree86. XFree86 has many servers that I would bet my life on - especially the SVGA server - and they have followed a very controlled development schedule. New servers don't go in till they've been debugged, and they don't go in till the next minor.sub version; ie, 3.3.4 to 3.3.5 would allow servers to be added. (Now this is what I've heard and seen - XF86's policies may differ in actuality.)

    We don't have anything to warrant a 2.4 kernel. I'm sorry, we just don't. I've talked back to people like Linus before, and told them they're wrong. And I'm doing so right now. To go to 2.4 is wrong. Period. Flat out wrong. To claim Linux already as a mature OS is wrong. Linux is based loosely around what is arguably the most mature OS class to ever exist - Unix. AIX is a mature OS. HP-UX is a mature OS. Solaris is NOT a mature OS. Linux is NOT a mature OS.

    I'm not saying Linux isn't stable - it is. It's very stable. For certain tasks, I'd certainly bet my life on Linux. But it's not mature by any stretch of the imagination. Some of it's core components - binutils, etc - are certainly mature. That doesn't necessarily make an OS mature.

    I'm taking any news on Linux with a grain of salt anymore. Yes, I got in on the VA Linux IPO. Yes, I made a very respectable amount of money - a superb return on investment - and I think RedHat is grossly overvaluated. But nonetheless, Linux has turned into a hype circus. With 2.4 being rushed, distributions moving to things that I wouldn't dare trust even half as much as a Windows box, and so on, I'm scared. I'm very scared.

    I've been using Linux a good number of years. Throughout those years, things have gone faster and faster, and I see things spiralling out of control. Now maybe it's just me, but I'd hate to see Linux fall over it's own feet as it tries to be the first to the 'mature OS' finish line, or any finish line for that matter.

    Just my $0.02USD.

    =RISCy Business
  • And that is :-)

    Looks like I'm an origional at something.
    Although I was the first to use Bk2Site to set up my site for Linux bookmarks (I believe).

    Merry Christmas all, (or whatever you are into).
    Geoff Rivell,
  • they were not "bought out"

    they may have been acquired or sold but "buy out"

    is like they didnt have a choice which they

    definitely did.
  • This doesn't work for domains where the payment has been made in the past and a renewal is about to come due though. For example, though I may wish to renew, it's not yet due and therefore shows no information.

    Also, as Network Solutions is now requiring payment-on-registration for nearly everyone, this is somewhat less useful than it used to be.


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