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Comment Blackhat - erotic novel in a hex editor (Score 3, Informative) 73

In the movie Blackhat there's a screen where a hex editor is used to analyze some malware code. The hex code is just random nonsense, but the ASCII conversion contains lines from an erotic novel, but with each word reversed

Here's a screenshot:

The text on the right says

Her lover one day takes O for a walk ....
in a section of the city where they never go the Montsouris Park. After they have taken a stroll in the park, and have sat together side by side on the edge of a lawn, they notice at one corner of the park, at an intersection where there are never any taxis, a car which, because


which comes from this: ... O_djvu.txt

Comment Different assumptions (Score 1) 392

Sure, if you *cap* the population at 150 during transit, and don't allow multiple pairings within the same generation of course you're going to kill the genetic diversity.

However, if instead of a generational ship we were talking about hibernation until arrival, 150 is enough to begin a genetically viable colony. How do you avoid the risk of inbreeding? Simple: no cap on the number of children, but no full siblings allowed. Encourage as many different genetic pairings as possible.


Submission + - DMCA take down advice

CBung writes: Hello Slashdot readers, I am involved in an open source Java strategy game engine hosted on SourceForge. We have existed for many years and our development is volunteer based. We use the engine to play clones of a popular WWII board game as well as many community created mods and maps. The popularity of the board game is the driving force behind the successfulness of our application. Most users have "been playing that board game for 20yrs", and most of us own at least one of the board games. We love being able to play on line and develop our skills on the board game maps at an international level. Unfortunately, we've recently been hit by a DMCA take down notice from the rights holder the board game that we clone. The IP holder did create a PC version of the board game in 1998 which was poorly maintained and another reason our application was created. At this point, our initial reaction is to simply remove the specifically cloned maps, and maintain our application with many of our user mods. However, many of our mods use the same units and game mechanics/rules as the board game. Is there any way we can keep our application, including the clones of the board game maps, alive?

I will also note that the rights holder recently released an on line version of their board game thats playable on line. However it is very specific and limited in options. It seems more then coincidental that we've received this notice now that their own game lobby is on line. Can our application take refuge in another country? Is there a way to keep our application alive since it is significantly more feature full?

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