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Intel invests in VA Research 21

KaHa writes sent us a link to an article over at Yahoo saying that Intel is investing in VA. Larry Augustin is quoted as saying "I can't confirm or deny anything" in the little blurb. It also says that this will officially be announced tomorrow.
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Intel invests in VA Research

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  • Posted by Talancc:

    Intel buys into VA...
    MS has strict contract over the pc market...

    Is this just a way of trying to break up the oncoming linux movement?????????

    I don't know about others but I would start to worry.
  • I hope this ends up being good for VA. I think they're a good company.
  • That domain name purchase should help maintain the view of Linux as an OS primarily for Intel processors, when there are so many other and better platforms to run it on. Hmpf.

  • Great article you mentioned. I loved the quote "Security Enforces Trust." Where is the trust if there needs to be security? I think what he really meant is that security replaces trust.

    And why do we even bother with companies who dont trust their consumers? Where does intel get off telling me that they think that they need to keep an eye on me. What do they think they are, some sort of government agency. They sell computer chips. Am I supposed to do grovel at their feet and let them watch what I do with MY PC in MY own home? What's next, Ford installing cameras in my car to make sure that I wont use it in a bank robbery? Lets hope that there are enough people with a clue who will resist this corporate surveliance in our lives. As an early 20's hardware geek who will buy RAM instead of bread, this quote alone makes me sure that my next (several) boxes wont have intel inside.

    -Intel public enemy #8923549784672378
  • Windows, the biggest seller of Intel processors.

    Intel invests in Linux based companies (RH, now VA).

    Microsoft says little publicaly, only some internal second hand murmurs about their discontent...

    Intel includes ID 64 bit serialization within PIII's and quotes... "The average person that can do whatever they want is the enemy"... hmm, isn't that what linux is all about?

    Why would a company with that attitude invest in exactly a market that represents their classifications of an enemy...

    What's next? Microsoft invests in Linux based companies? or may be, they simply can afford to do it directly.

    Call me paranoid but this combination of events is strange. I'm all for big companies investing and spreading commercial dollars, as long as "we get to do whatever we want".

    I'm very happy with my AMD and Alpha processors. Hopefully Compaq will capitalize on their new technology in the correct direction.

  • by arielb ( 5604 )
    intel probably knows that linux users are not just anti-MS but also anti-intel (especially the whole PIII thing). So they're doing everything to be good to linux. Eventually, linux will be intel only and the stuff on alphas and ppc's won't be as good
  • Why does this bother you? They sell Intel stuff, and now Intel funds them. Logical.

    If you want Alpha, you know where to find it. (to paraphrase Dennis Ritchie).

    Seriously, if VA Research doesn't sell your preferred platform, simply take your business elsewhere. Aspen Systems [], Apache Digital [] and DCG [] all sell Alpha (and Sparc)-based linux boxes. Where is it written that a good Linux vendor has to sell all flavors of processors?


  • woo go VAresearch!
    scott miga
  • We'll sell you one :-).

    As for the K6, I suspect their reasons for not doing the K6 are similar to ours -- it just wasn't cost-effective. My estimate is that we can sell a K6-based machine for around $75 less than an equivalent Celeron-based machine -- and for that $75 cost savings we'd have to stock yet another motherboard, yet another set of processors...

    We just don't sell enough low-end machines to justify that. Compaq does, obviously, but a VA Research or Linux Hardware Solutions doesn't have the volume needed to match Compaq's prices on consumer hardware. (Servers, on the other hand, are a different story -- we can whup Compaq's rear there).

    -- Eric
  • congrats to VA research, but I really dont like the whole buying into of a company to try and increase market share. I'll admit it, i'm very prejudice towards alpha, but have u ever seen 64 bit linux run like that? ooohh.... anyway, its just isn't cool to see another vendor stop making the alpha boxes.

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