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It's funny.  Laugh.

Cartoons About Air Travel 56

Fudge.Org sent us a nice and timely little link to Air Toons, a reasonably odd cartoon site about air travel. I'm jittery enough about air travel as is, I didn't need this. Anyhoo, Hemos & I are leaving in a few minutes for San Jose & LinuxWorld, so everyone ease off on the mail. We'll be reporting live (well, as "Live" as Slashdot gets anyway) from the Expo Floor assuming we don't crash.
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Cartoons About Air Travel

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  • but seriously, numbers are great, better when they are backed up. more people will die from analrape at the zoo ...
  • Two of the people who died in the crash of the Valujet crash were relatives of my wife. Commercial airline travel is substantially safer per mile travelled than automobile travel, but less safe than bus travel or train travel.

    I did get on a plane within two days of them dying, anyway.
  • My aunt died in a plane crash last year. They're not as hypothetical as you might think.
  • More people will be killed by Donkeys this year then will be killed by planes
  • Damn it people... If the PLANE doesn't crash...
  • by extech ( 2584 )
    "Nerds are encouraged to get the fuck out."

    heh. amusing. *rolls eyes*


  • leave a few nice color copies of these toons bundled in with the promo stuff in the seats to humor the next round of folks!

  • Oh c'mon - not only is air travel safe, but it can be nice. And this is coming from a software consultant who hasn't been home for a full week since maybe December.

    But truth be told, the best thing about business trips is staying in nice hotels (Marriott, of course - gotta love Marriott Rewards ... Paris here I come) and getting lots of nice, free food.

    Well, free for me, after I'm reimbursed. :)

    Wha? TV & Movie Theme Songs? Oh yeah....
  • Two months in Madrid?

    A lot of people, myself included, wouldn't mind that *AT ALL*.

    Especially since my girlfriend is currently there. :)

    Wha? TV & Movie Theme Songs? Oh yeah....

  • ROB! What are you thinking?!

    MySQL might die horribly, but linux and apache will keep chugging along. :)

    And I'd be happy for a few hours of silence from the ACs myself...

  • But satisfying. I liked it for the way it lampoons the corporate/instructional toon in general.

    It would be interesting to see someone give this sort of treatment to those moronic TV & Stereo manual cartoons we all know and loathe. (picture the generic little weeblo getting fried by a poorly grounded antenna? :)


    Net postings: Demonstrating the lack of quality psychotherapy in the
  • Although a specific incident itself (accidents, a loved one dying etc.) is not something to joke about, I do not think that there is anything wrong with finding humor in general of flying (to pick a topic), and the details accompanying them. But, would anyone complain about people joking about airline food? One could pipe up and say "My mother died eating airline food, so don't insult her."

    This was about the "instructional booklet found in the seat pocket in front of you", not about the TWA flight 800, or the Swissair crash in Nova Scotia. Jokes about _them_ are in bad taste.

    Besides, if we had to check with our Handbook of Political Correctness (I think it's being revised and reprinted once daily), we'd be running around merely stating facts:
    "This bowl is blue"
    "I ate breakfast this morning".

    Also, big deal if Rob goes "off topic" every once and a while. I think he can do this every few hundred posts, since _he_ provides this site to _us_. If you want to deal with computers only, read an O'Reilly book.
  • The first of the two things that the people were complaining about was the article itself, which was a link to the cartoons. I addressed that in the last paragraph of my origional comment. The second complaint was about the link itself. If you read through the comments, you'll find that they are also complaining about the cartoons themselves. I address both points.

    There was also a comment that stated that the scenario of an airplane accident can actually happen. I interpreted that comment to be condemning the cartoons because of that point, which caused _me_ deem it PC.

    It's up to you about what you find funny and not
    funny, and that's your own opinion. Other people also have their opinions, and might find the toons
    enjoyable. i don't want to be compared to Lary Flynt here, but if you don't like it, don't click on it.

  • I stand corrected!

    I think you summmed up my point quite well.
  • by dirty ( 13560 )
    I needed a good laugh after smashing my car last night, that helped.
  • See the big foot w/ the "It's funny, laugh" comment. It's funny, laugh. I know I did.
  • your statement "this bowl is blue" is politically incorrect. I am color blind and cannot see the color blue.

    your statement "I ate breakfast this morning" is politically incorrect. I am poor and cannot afford to eat breakfast.

    I think my point is that it's damned near impossible to be 100% politically correct.
  • You are insulted and your signature is "Long Dong Silver" with an ascii art of a penis? I find it funny. Maybe you don't. Should /. run every article past you first?
  • If you hate /. so much stop reading it. Most of your recent posts have been complaining about slashdot. No one is forcing you to come here.
  • by jerodd ( 13818 )
    Why not use IBM's DB2 for Linux? You can either download it or have IBM send you a CD...
  • Looks like the /. effect has gotten us special mention in a new airtoon, how quaint ;-). Now there is no question that it matters!
  • Please do not kick out windows just because you're mad about a slashdot link.
  • ... have you believe.

    More people will die THIS WEEKEND
  • ... have you believe.

    More people will die THIS WEEKEND in car accidents than will die in plane crashes all year.
  • We are all nerds. Or else we wouldn't be here. But even nerds need to laugh. And cry. And ..... Nevermind. Point is: LIGHTEN UP!
  • Actually, I kinda liked those sprite commercials :-)

    But for the rest, your completely right.

  • didn't you know this isnt a real news site, because it contains 0% journalism?

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