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Comment Re:I'm still waiting for a breakthrough in (Score 1) 106

Digitization of small objects doesn't really seem all that problematic. I think taking multiple pictures with different colors and intensities of light could help correct for many surface types.

On the other hand, 2026 seems optimistic for capturing the real world. So much of the human brain is focused on figuring out what we're seeing that I don't think we'll be able to reduce it to a few clever algorithms.

Comment Re:Another example of why Java sucks (Score 1) 115

new and delete don't generally make system calls. The system call is brk(), and it's only needed to resize the heap. The C and C++ runtimes also allocate a large heap at startup, and will only resize it when it approaches exhaustion.

Basically, the entire point of your post is lost because it is based on a misunderstanding.

Comment Re:What if you move your eyes (Score 1) 25

It's being rendered at around that rate as well.

The VR software includes some ability to shift an already rendered frame because of head tracking, the same approach could probably be used to compensate for eye motion. I'm not sure how much an eye really moves in 1/60th of a second. It also has a micro-stutter that is probably fairly unpredictable. Gross motor movement takes a while to start and stop, so the viewport of the next frame can generally be calculated with reasonable accuracy.

Comment Re:Turn about's fair play (Score 4, Informative) 271

I saw the BLS stats, but i don't think you're right. The median tenure of the workforce is increasing. The length of tenure is highly related to age, and the workforce is aging.

What you really need to see is if the tenure time is actually increasing across age bands and not just for the overall workforce. Here's a somewhat dated analysis (compare figure 1 and figure 2):

You can see the overall tenure is increasing, but the tenure of each age subgroups are actually declining. It's just the change of the population in the subgroups has dominated the results. This is called Simpson's Paradox:

So the truth is that for any given age, job tenure was higher in the past. As they say, "lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Comment Re:Solar Panels (Score 1) 250

People use most of their energy during non-sunlit times during the winter in Central Europe. It's primarily heating from gas, not electricity usage. This is why they care about Russia who is the only possible gas supplier.

The answer the the question is actually incredibly simple. Switch to electricity. It's more efficient to heat homes burning natural gas at a electricity generating plant and using heat pumps than to burn the gas directly on premise. Gas is not the only suitable fuel for electrical generation, so the monopoly can be broken by switching the power plants to coal/wind/nuclear. This is a fairly capital expensive proposition, but on-site solar heat production in the European winter is pure wishful thinking.

Comment Re:No degree = no job (Score 1) 546

But you really think it's so unlikely that someone picks up this knowledge without a degree? The textbooks used in universities are available to the general public, and there are also resources like Coursera that do provide a semi-traditional learning environment without conferring a diploma.

Unless you're really drowning in candidates, it probably makes more sense to interview for knowledge of CS theory (or use a standardized test) instead of doing a resume-filter.

Your anecdotal evidence is easily countered by other peoples' anecdotal evidence. Mine, for example.

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