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Slashdot Flame Index, January 1999 31

Pac wrote this story for Segfault Very silly :-) Update: 02/20 01:21 by CT : as usual, segfault segfaults immediately after getting linked. And you thought Slashdot was unstable. And they only get like 3 hits a week.
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Slashdot Flame Index, January 1999

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  • I reckon that Segfault's ISP has some kind of block that prevents accesses with a referer of segfault getting through! Cause the machine wasn't really worrying about it.

    3 hits a week? I think Rob's just jealous that we have a better poll script *snigger*
  • The article says ./ runs on msql, but doesn't it actually run on MySQL? Say, there's an idea for another flame war (MySQL vs msql vs etc...).
  • Monsanto are far worse.

    I can live without Computers, but not without food.
  • For the most part...
  • I set my default threshold to 1, and discovered that hitting "lower threshold" no longer works. I considered resetting the default but I've learned to love life on 1.

    Not that AC's don't make a lot of useful posts - they do - but the signal to noise ratio improves dramatically without them. Besides, just cutting out 2/3 of the posts reduces the /. universe to a manageable size, like it was a year ago.

    Go ahead and flame - I can't see it!!!

    BTW, I thought that was the best Segfault piece since "Larry Ellison offeres $1 million for return of his eyeglasses."
  • I just can't stand the jaunty queer attitude that KDE and Be have. Be-this, Be-that, K-this, K-fscking everything. BeOS is especially gross. It's as if they're tring too hard to be cool or something.

    At least Gnome is decidedly non-commercial. It oozes "anti-commercialness".

    FWIW, Gnome is definitely hip.
  • We must regain the lead. Our sacred honor demands no less.
    After all, he's OUR obnoxious windbag!

  • by unitron ( 5733 )
    To think, I could have had an MSAC, but Nooo, I had to go and get this lousy nick and password.
  • All of which just goes to show that software tends not to deliver to its intended audience.


  • ...and the article goes under FAKE news.

    Also, I have NOT devised a statistical method to measure flame wars, nor have I counted every silly post of yours. I just made it all up, trying to keep it more or less in order of funniness (is there such a word?)

    Have fun :)
  • BODY {
    color: rgb(200, 200, 200);
    background-color: black;

    /* Link colours - any link of class NOU doesn't get an underline */
    A.nou { text-decoration: none; }
    A:link { color: rgb(0, 150, 150); }
    A:visited { color: rgb(0, 100, 100); }
    A:active { color: rgb(64, 64, 64); }

    That was it !!!
  • Looks like an addendum was added by CT to me, Mr Observant. There's a clue in the CT: part.
  • Well, anyhow, before I read the article, I wanted to make a statistical observation:

    The more an article is read/seen, the more likely it will also be flamed, so keeping that in mind, the ratio of flames/rank would be highest for those articles that only got 1 post, with it being a flame, over another article with hundreds of posts and several flames...

    Another point is that in order to draw posts and comments, people get excited and sensationalistic in disproportion to the actual content or reality of the article. Still... I have to read the article to be sure, eh?

    Sigh, crunch crunch slog...

  • Just realized it was a humor post...
    Like most things funny, it also embedded more than a kernal of truth =)

    Hey, if it didn't mean anything, it wouldn't be funny! I finally got through after 15 minutes(It could have been shorter, but I was busy and not paying attention)

    Slashdot should have some sort of self-ranking/flame counter... Perhaps counting posts with sux/rox/rulez/moron/idiot/troll in their text? While rough and approximate, it would be funny to try and figure out some sort of S/N ratio...

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