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Submission + - Sysadmin becoming director ? 2

An anonymous reader writes: What is a guy to do when a sysadmin with no people skills or management skills become a director of a department? He clearly states that he doesn't care about people who are under him and he only cares about the technological solutions. However those solutions are only valid when coming from him, because he thinks he's smarter then everyone. He is a micromanages, lacks project management skills, does not know how to people manage, and tackles minor challenges himself like getting dells openmanage rpm to work vs setting departmental goals, change policies, or delegating task. He focuses so much on tools that he understands, so much so, that he tries to get the problem to fit around the tools he likes to use.

As a person who must report to this person, how does one deal with a manager who doesn't like you and doesn't value your opinions? Would it be easier to just walk away? And why on earth would anyone promote a sys admin to management?

Comment xmonad (Score 4, Interesting) 234

I'm currently using xmonad as a desktop environment (almost exclusively), as it plays quite nicely on VHRDs (very high resolution displays). At most, you'll have to tweak the borderWidth elements.

Optionally, if you're looking for a bit more eye candy, try twm and its derivatives. Most the the UI elements scale dynamically. (too flashy for my tastes however)

Comment Nonsense (Score 1) 278

This little tale of immature daring do is utterly irrelevant. At best, it aspires to be Penthouse letters for nerds.

The snickering inexperience of the men (boys) on the team (author included) is reprehensible and pathetic. Most of the best computer folks I've known in my 20+ years in the computer industry have dated in college, are comfortable and mature around members of the opposite gender, and are or have been married.

Petty jealousies, misunderstandings about the seriousness of a relationship, love triangles and narcissistic authors are common in all walks of life. The scenario { A and B are friends, A dates C, C gets bored with A and expresses interest with B } exists within every setting, in and out of the computer industry, amoung co-workers, high school friends and brothers.

I expect this story is just that, a single data point of no statistical significance, an edge condition. The people in it, for practical purposes, don't even exist.

Submission + - iPad 3 Confirmed New Features

Robert Bowles writes: According to a very reliable source, in the deep know, iPad 3 will have hundreds of eyes and tentacles. The ancient informant, from beyond the stars, also states mortals gazing upon the new iPad will be driven insane.

Comment Surprised? (Score 1) 5

For decades, Republicans and Democrats have been voting to gradually erode "other peoples' freedoms". Freedoms that "nobody really needs", minor yet reasonable restrictions for the greater good, compromise lauded as a virtue as we're asked to give up just a little more, ...

That is the sound of inevitability, the only logical outcome given the inputs to the system. It's too late to unspill the milk. That anyone is surprised utterly stuns me. The writing on the wall was written by our own hands.

Comment Re:YouTube (Score 1) 1127

A few points - The videographer commented that he thought he heard 22 fire (I understand 22LR isn't uncommon on pigeon hunts). A falling 22 calibre 40 grain bullet can maim someone. There were people in front and behind him (along the road) who he accused of shooting at the drone, so the line of fire probably wasn't safe.
Again, In the video, a human finger is pretty clearly pointing at the prop damage, and that doesn't grok.

Comment YouTube (Score 2) 1127

I posted this to YouTube, trying not to be provocative, but the post vanished.

Clearly, the fact that folks were shooting up into the air is damn reckless. The fact that they were trying to willfully destroy your property is flat out illegal.

My issue is with the footage at 02:15. It appears that you're trying to indicate the prop damage is what took the drone down. The likelihood of two hits on that single tiny prop area is highly improbable. Moreover, I've seen drone crashes and the prop damage is more consistent with a crash into the brush.

Help me out here. I've watched this a dozen times and I'm trying to believe you. What did I miss? Did the impossible happen?

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