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User Friendly Geek Personals? 45

hangman sent us a link to a geek personals page apparently run under Illiad's subdomain at User Friendly. Frankly I think this is cheesy, but ya better hurry since the guys outnumber the gals 5 to 1. Good odds for one sex- not so good odds for the other. That geek gender gap doesn't look to be weakening any time soon does it?
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User Friendly Geek Personals?

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Hearts and roses and kisses galore...
    What the hell is all that shit for?
    People get mushy and start acting queer
    It is definitely the most annoying day of the year
    This day needs to get the hell over with and pass
    Before I shove a dozen roses up Cupid's ass
    I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak
    And wear all black for the rest of the week
    Guys act all sweet, but it will soon fade
    For all they are doing is trying to get laid
    The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit
    Because I think love is a crock of shit
    So here's my story... What else can I say?
    Love bites my ass. Fuck Valentine's Day!
  • Yeap, we got /.ed BIG TIME. Loads up to 78 on my little p133 server.... I reconfigged apache and it seems to be going better now (after a reboot and a bit of kill(1)ing of processes.

    Until I get my new server, peer2peer is running on an ADSL connection, on a p133 with 32 meg ram. Please be gentle :)
  • I dunno, I've met quite a few "geek girls" in my

    life. The primary differences that make them less
    noticable are that:

    1. They've learned not to say they're female

    online, lest all the sweaty 45-year-old losers out

    there in their underwear start bugging them, and

    2. They're not as desperate as the guys are.


  • I dunno, I've met quite a few "geek girls" in my
    life. The primary differences that make them less
    noticable are that:

    1. They've learned not to say they're female
    online, lest all the sweaty 45-year-old losers out
    there in their underwear start bugging them, and

    2. They're not as desperate as the guys are.


  • Posted by Charles Bronson:

    I'm a fucking chick magnet... What could I possibly need THIS for?
  • Posted by The Mongolian Barbecue:

    I search for women, _4_ turn up.

    Of these

    1 has kids already
    1 starts personal with "I'm not cute"
    1 starts personal with "I'm a loser"
    1 is fucking 45 years old

    Looks like I will be visiting sybian for that automated masturbatory device asap.
  • Quite a fitting link to post, today being International Bitterness & Loneliness Day.

    [oh wait, i have a gf... :)]
  • I've decided the woman I marry will either be a technophobe or will at least not have a job/hobby dealing strictly with computers.

    Having a woman to keep me grounded in the Real World is a requirement. Otherwise I get lost/lazy real easy.

    IMO, a significant other should be my complement, not supplement. She should be strong in the areas I am weak.
  • I think you should seek somebody that complements your skills and desires. While I deal with computers a great deal, I do have interests in other areas like audio/visual media, writing and health/fitness. If you marry a girl that is just as passionate about computers as you are, that will basically be your entire life. Your marriage will eventually become stale and your life relatively boring.

    If instead, you marry somebody that respects your work/hobbies but still has strong interests in other areas, you're more apt to broaden your horizons a little, try new things and generally have a more productive and exciting marriage.

    Granted, I'm doing some serious generalizing here, but that's my chief complaint about geek girls.

    Now, if I were different, if I didn't have such a strong background and interest in computers and networking, a geek girl might be exactly what I'd need.
  • After spending decades in the Cathedral of Software Development, I can attest to the value of seeking a mate from other domains. Don't waste your time trying to find a geek-girl because they are too rare. How about a nice girl that knows next to nothing about computers. There are millions of them looking for Mr. Right.

    If you want to marry a younger woman, try exploring asian cultures, many asian woman prefer a man that is five to ten years her senior.

    If you want a woman who knows how to take care of things, try a divorced woman in her early forties.

    These women make great mates for geeks.

  • Geek girls are out there; but previous posters are right-- we're few and far between in comparison to most of Geekdom. But i agree w/ those of you who condone finding a fellow geek as a significant other-- be you straight/gay, male/female. I'm not saying hold your breath, but personally, i for one am /far/ more interested in and impressed by the computer-saavy than those who fear the tech world.

    Besides-- just because they can appreciate or even match your love of geek-stuffs, (and you don't have to code open source to be a geek, ya'know,) doesn't mean female geeks don't have other interests outside of this stuff as well: just as, one would hope, male geeks do as well. The Real World is a scary place ;), but it's out there and sometimes we gotta face it. I spent tens of hours on my computer every week, but i /do/ have other interests as well (graduating, german, architecture and singing being the main ones).

    Best of luck to everyone out there-- i'd join the pen-pal thing myself, but i /already/ (try to) keep up with 20-40 people via email...i can't handle any more. Neat idea though :).

    -- anneke

  • wow, this site didnt take long at all to get slashdotted.... great idea though! :)
  • Well, I for one would like to find someone who understand my passion for computers and geeky things. She doesn't need to be my equal or greater than. Not that that wouldn't be nice. I think I good example would be our open source hero Alan Cox [linux.org.uk] and his wife [linux.org.uk] I'm not sure I'd document my life on the web though. But it makes for very interesting reading. :-)
  • Gee if it was only so easy to find a GF, logging on and tossing out your salary as a flirtation. I hope the best to anyone who /.fxt it.

    BTW, any women who hail from Santa Cruz, Ca or surrounding area and are looking, email me :)
  • I filled out a survey for the penpals section. Mainly cuz the signal to noise ratio of my inbox is too low. I enjoy corresponding with friends, especially geek friends... I just don't have too many geek friends. (Notre Dame isn't known for its geek subculture) So I've made some neat friendships with other geeks over the 'net. Some guys, some girls, it's all ascii text, i don't care how many chromosones of what variety they have. And reading my email in the morning is much more fun if some of it is actually for me. I've too many mailing lists to monitor... 'real' conversation makes me happy.

    what also makes me happy is conversation with people who can tell me how to install linux on old ibm ppc machines... =)
  • The site seems to be slowly falling over.
  • Lets do it! The gene pool is screwed already, so maybe if we rescrew it, it'll get better!
  • I hope they're not all that bad.

    If you meet up with one of those gloating ones again, tell them to read "The Jewish Question" by Karl Marx. If they understand it, they'll see that by worrying so much about money they have made themselves insignificant pawns of the economy.
  • For some reason, this reminds me of the old Church of the SubGenius [subgenius.com] "Good Sex For Mutants Dating League". You were supposed to fill in a questionnaire to determine just exactly what kind of wierdo you were. The service would match you up with a member of the opposite (or otherwise desired) sex, who would have, if not the same personality quirks, at least equally embarrassing ones. Their motto was, "All the Way on the First Date!" Unfortunately, the service was discontinued because, during several years of operation, only one female ever sent in her survey.
  • It's not just personals, it's pen pals. I had the honor of being the first member of the female persuasion... It's a fabulous thing, created by die-hard "Ufies" (that's fans of User Friendly) Arcatex and Iambe. Wonderful folk. Wonderful site. Have I used enough sappy adjectives yet? It's cool. Check it out, it's free, you're not out anything...
  • Well, I'm a regular UFie (that means I read User Friendly on a regular basis, i.e. daily.) and I think the personals site has suffered the slashdot effect. It seems to have mysteriously gone down. It was up a few hours ago (before this article...)
  • There are plenty of geek chicks out there, just all of the ones I know are complete snobs.
  • Heh.

    Let's see, I have personally 'converted' three non-geek females to definite-geek fems so far, and I'm sure I'll convert more. Just doing my part for the other geek guys out there. (Well, and increasing the percentage of computer-literate friends I surround myself with, of course...!)

    They're not VERY geeky (one's QA/development for Microsoft (*sigh*, it's a living I guess), one does database programming, and the other is still in high school, but working on web pages and Javascript in her spare time. All three are currently happily involved with other geeks, and wouldn't even consider non-geek SOs anymore though. (In the interests of disclosure, I dated one after I brought her to geekdom, and am still close friends with all three.)

    It's really not that difficult. Any female with a good head on their shoulders can be a solid geek, they just have to be shown it in a way that makes them feel comfortable doing it. I DO say female there, because I've found it's substantially harder to 'teach' a guy to become a geek, unless they already have an interest in it. I dunno why, but it's been my experience.

    I believe that if your technical side is beyond a certain level of importance to you, that you will be absolutely miserable if you try to have more than a casual relationship with a dedicated non-geek.

    I've also found that other geeks play fewer mindgames, which is a HUGE win.

    If you find an SO who is relatively intelligent, it's not that hard to get them excited about computers. Especially if they are young enough for a career change to not be a huge threat to them. (Becoming a geek has often made people become bored about non-technical work, interestingly. Not ALWAYS, but often enough that I consider it a pattern.) It also has the added bonus that two geek salaries will easily double the national couples-income statistics... i.e... More toys!

    Anyhow, V-day is over, and I wish all who were unable to celebrate this year happiness in the next!
  • What, you didn't think any of us would read this?

    I'm the 45 year old, and I'm here to say that
    I'm meeting cool older geek men thanks to Peer2Peer!

    Yes, I am 45. So what? You will be too some day,
    and it's not the end of the world. I was 20 once,
    and I'm glad I survived it, because I'm a lot happier right now.

    For anybody who got discouraged by this youth
    with the impoverished vocabulary, more women have signed up since then, so have another look.

    Btw, those cool geek men I'm meeting? They're finding Peer2Peer from Slashdot.

    So give it a chance, people. I did and I'm liking
    the replies.

    Luck to the questers, Whimsey
  • yeh, damnit.. there needs to be more chicks out there that dig cool stuff (like gnome :)
    where are they?

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