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Yahoo to buy Geocities 43

Michael sent in the big news that Yahoo is Buying GeoCities. The deal was for 4.52 Billion Bucks- with that kind of cash maybe they can make the server not lagged to last thursday and figure out a less intrusive advertising system? Maybe not, but we can wish.
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Yahoo to buy Geocities

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  • once the company starts doing well, open a new company in the Caymann islands to buy out the old company at an inflated price. Split the stock. Buy out a legitimate corporation. Swap the stocks. Watch your net worth shhot through the roof. Hobnob with the Fed. Then forget selling everything--take the companies liquid assets and run to Tahiti :) ...start a swiss bank account with your ill-gotten gains...invest in a Russian start-up with some of your new nest egg...once that company is going well, buy out some profitable US and UK get the idea :)

    # find /dev/brain
    find: cannot open /dev/brain: No such file or directory

  • I think Geocities and Yahoo have the same demographic. First time and intermediate Internet users who don't know any better.

    4+ billion is a lot of bank though, must be nice to not clear a profit yet but be able to purchase something like that.

    Either way, I don't usually go to either so it won't make a difference to me.
  • When I'm looking for something Yahoo is almost always the first place I go. Most of the Time when I look on Yahoo I find what I want. What more could you ask for.
    --Zachary Kessin
  • Having the fast simple interface is really important. They do have a great deal of broken links, but they've also got a crack team of paid monkeys sitting and checking those links all day long. The database is just to big to hold on to. Yahoo is also pretty fast, and they don't do those crappy poppup windows. I still like Google better, but that's just because pb told me to.

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  • Like another poster said, Foxtrot [] has already done a wonderful job of this. Look back a couple days for the beginning of the story.

  • I figure if GeoCities can get $4.6 billion, slashdot, which is a far more useful site (I mean, how many times do you need to see "Mary-Jo's Home of All Her Beanie Baby Friends!!!!!" on a webpage?), should get $10 bil, easily.

    -mike kania
  • Makes me want to open up my own trailer park and sell the lots at a premium.

    Anyone got some swampland they wanna develop as a joint venture?

  • Remember, most of your favorite internet stocks are majorly overvalued. Notice that most of the big deals lately are stock-swaps? $4.6Bil in funny-money....

  • Cisco became the giant it is through the same "pooling of resources" acquisition method.

    As for the author of the book that is so _often_ quoted here - I accuse him and his fans of cowardice.

    Yes, there is volatility in the market folks. If you can't handle the risk, invest in bonds. If you have some brains, a little capital, and a pair of balls, you can make yourself moderately wealthy.
  • This really does prove that the American internet industry represents the very worst of a consumer society on speed.

    I'm not even going to bother explaining why I feel that stocks like Yahoo! and are ridiculously over-valued. Hell, right here on my desk, I have today's Financial Times' FT 500 supplement, which now lists Microsoft as the worlds biggest company.

    I'm so tempted to turn anachist, become some form of apocalyptic darkside hacker, dedicate my life to the downfall of Microsoft and other over-valued Internet stocks, and basically become a real-life Bond villain.

    The Dodger
    aka Alec Trevelyan, 006.
  • Well, I was tempted to hook up with an unscrupulous stockbroker in a scheme to do just that - sell short. Then do something nasty, like put a press release on Amazon's home page headlined " appoint administrators, goes into Chapter 11" and watch the stock fall through the floor...

    Today's (29/JAN/99) Financial Times:
    'Greenspan says internet stocks have the appeal of a lottery ... Prices going though roof, but vast majority of companies likely to fail, warns Fed chairman ... Alan Greenspan: Investors' high hopes for some internet-related stocks are "pie-in-the-sky"'.

    Goto or something...

  • I don't know about that - I still like and use Yahoo's directory, be it ever so outdated ... it's still very useful when you need certain types of information (like official company web sites).

  • I've had my home page on GeoCities for years (I kept changing ISPs after college and wanted a consistent URL), but the popups and now the "branding" are enough to make me leave. The Javascript code that gets appended for the popups prevents me from getting a "Valid HTML 4.0" from W3's validator.

    I was working on a couple of sites for one of my hobbies (a live-action roleplaying group) and I was planning to produce them on GeoCities until they started the branding. And now it's a damn logo! *sigh*

    I was fine with voluntarily putting a link to GeoCities on my front page in exchange for the space, but that brand is just obnoxious...

    Jay (=
  • Yahoo! stock is through the roof. It's not worth what it's at right now, and no one can afford it.
    ...Thus, it only makes sense to trade it out in exchange for real assets.
  • AOL did a 4.2b stock swap for Netscape, whereas Yahoo! did a 4.52b swap for Geocities.

    Is Geocities more of an asset than Netscape?

    good lord...
  • Don't kid yourself into believing there is a bank account out there with $4.? billion dollars, these companies just convert Geocity stock to Yahoo stock, effectively printing their own money and a deal is made. I've considered turning myself public just so I can pull the same kind of stuff.
  • Great, I guess when I get dragged to a Geocities site now it'll open up two commercial banners, one to Yahoo and one to it's other advertisers.

    On the other hand, I guess it's good to see a bit of support/interest for one of the largest free web hosting services. I did have a web page on Geocities once, a long time ago...

  • or, how to get ahead in the year 2000:

    Open up a web site, make sure it has no product and negative earnings. Go public. Throw around buzzwords like "portal" and "e-commerce". Once your stock price inflates to 400, sell everything and move to Tahiti.
  • And at least half of their links are broken. Yahoo is the poorest example of webmastering that I've ever seen. Just because it runs a cool OS does not make it a cool site.
  • So, CmdrTaco would you sell if you where offered say a billion dollars for slashdot?
  • And this comes after the recent deal with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp (Fox TV, etc). Is Yahoo intent on becoming another evil empire? Source: BBC []
  • Neither GeoCities nor Yahoo has had a new idea in ages.

    The big idea GeoCities came up with was the popup ad banner. I hate those things. If I go to a GeoCities site by mistake, first I close the banner window, then I look at the site for 5 seconds and realize there is little content there (typically, though not always), then I hit Back and voila, not a problem.

    Yahoo invented using the word "My" before anything having to do with the Internet. Need I say more.

  • I cannot contemplate why Yahoo would want to even associate itself with such a lame web page provider. Don't they understand that most of the pages stink, the servers are slow and require resuming for downloads, and people get extremely annoyed when that stupid banner keeps popping up every time you try to close it. According to the most recent PC Computing magazine, Geocities "barely snagged $5 million of a $906 million online ad market," because "advertisers shun the site's user-generated content." A fine investment indeed.

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