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Submission + - Wired rebuts Greenwald's accusations (

The Dodger writes: After Salon's Glenn Greenwald accused Wired of withholding key evidence in the arrest of US Army PFC Bradley Manning for allegedly leaking classified documents to Julian Assange, Wired have responded with a robust, point-by-point rebuttal of Greenwald's accusations, in which they give their reasons for not publishing the now-infamous chat logs in their entirety.

Comment Assange upset at police report leak (Score 5, Interesting) 338

In other news, Assange is suffering a major sense of humour failure over the Guardian publishing details from the leaked police report into his case.

If you're very, very quiet and listen very, very carefully, you might be able to hear the world's tiniest violin playing for Assange. ;-)

Comment First DDoSer arrested (Score 1) 703

It's a pity it's a 16 year old who, arguably, isn't old enough to know better. I'd be happier if it was some 20-odd year old feckless leftie layabout who we could lock up for five years or so to send a message.

In any case, kudos to the Dutch police! I expect we'll see a signifcant drop-off in the DDoS effectiveness as it begins to dawn on people that is' not, actually, the same a sitting down and refusing to move, and that they could actually end up in court.

Hopefully, they'll have gotten some good leads when they took down

Comment Inviting prosecution (Score 3, Informative) 703

The use of this LOIC tool that this group are encouraging people to download onto their PCs and fire up to launch these DDoS attacks will be easily detectable and tracable. I'm sure that the companies that are being attacked will be keeping records of the malicious traffic, to be passed on to the police who will, in turn, be able to tie the IP addresses back to broadband connections.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if we see raids, confiscation of computer equipment and (in the UK, at least) charges brought under the Computer Misuse Act. I wonder what the average decline in income is, due to one's inability to get certain jobs because of a criminal record.

And, by the way, those who think that they can get away with it by claiming that it must be a virus infection are deluded - forensic examination will reveal the deliberate downloading of the LOIC tool.

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