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Stan Lee Comics Save the Net? 43

App writes "Comic book fans may want to check out this article from ZD Net. Seems Stan Lee hasn't given up on new ideas. " This is amusing. There will be 6-7 new heros, and they will get their powers from the net. Run in terror. Methinks that Stan is passed his prime. Funny in Mallrats tho.
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Stan Lee Comics Save the Net?

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  • Oh, don't work, the clueless wanna-be-techie internet hype has barely started. The Net is just the (ugly) beginning.

    "He's the latest superhero with powers so profound, he can jump a dotted line in just a single bound" -Bad Religion, "Automatic Man"
  • How about RetroMan? Wears 70's duds and listens to Disco while fighting crime cruisin' in his El Camino listening to 8-track tapes?
  • Starring...

    The fearless Tux the Penguin! The mysterious Red Hat! The mighty Mozilla Rex! The powerful Man-GNU! And the wise Enlightened One!

    Watch as they defend the netizens from fiendish villains such Spamford the Terrible, the evil Dr. Ziff and the monstrous megalomaniac Billactus and his horde of Microlemmings!

    Its more action packed adventure than one person should be allowed to have! Coming Soon!
  • The cartoon Freakazoid! [] featured a character who got his powers from the Internet -- but he was also a total goofball, which makes it sorta apropos somehow... It was a Warner Bros. production from 1995-1997 (yes, the same staff that brought us Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain).
  • by Timmy ( 969 )
    Hey, she's not that bad. I like her, personally, but then I also think Fran Drescher is hot too. And Chasing Amy is an amazing movie, even if you don't like the girl's voice.
  • I must say that jumping on the bandwagon of using the internet as a medium as well as a source for new ideas is not too far flung. I personally roleplay in the SuperHeroes genre and have made multiple characters with powers related to Computers / Telecomm / et al. As long as Mr. Lee doesn't make them all run NT, they should be great heroes . Just think... From Antartica its the defender of the open source.... SuperTux!
  • Actually I can see a few interesting ideas here...permission explictly granted for usage either intentional or not(there, now I can speak without causing a writer to commit suicide because I blew his concept)...however, don't take total credit if you're intentionally copying...

    An open source superhero might have some interesting angles--yeah, everybody knows how the powers work, but "fan submissions" for new uses for his powers keep him(or her) on top. (If I could just reach my utility belt...AHA! EAT MY MIGHTY PATCH MERGE!)

    A creature built from a microcelluar network, with a benevolent dictator(the brain ;-) running the show.

    On the internet, nobody know's you're a dog...I'm sure Stan has something like this already...hope the character actually is a dog...

    The net connects completely dissimilar hardware...character name? Jiniyus :-)


    Once you pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend.
  • Let's see:

    Fantastic Four
    Silver Surfer
    Incredible Hulk

    etc, etc, etc

    Stan Lee has a pretty good track record, and I for one am ready to see what he comes up with before I start bashing it. It's easy to take potshots, but I'd like to see all these flamers come up with one tenth as many memorable characters as Stan Lee has.

  • I agree. I worked at a comic book store for 2 years and it seemd as if the "artists" became obsessed with the idea of "Who can create the super-vixen with the largest breasts?". The idea of "plot" died long ago.
  • O.K., so the idea sounds a little hokey on the surface, but if there's anyone that could pull it off, it's Stan Lee.

    I've been lucky enough to talk to him a couple of times, and the guy is still sharp as a tack even though he's like a billion years old. He's also got a major interest in the Internet -- the times I got to meet him were when he'd drop by the web production company I used to work at, and he wanted to know how everything worked, and what could be done with the technology. He just absorbed it all like a little grinning sponge.

    The man is a legend in his business, and he's still got a lot of good years in him. I wish him luck.
  • How about a nerdy little kid with glasses, when he shouts "MegaNerd!" he turns into an even nerdier kid with even thicker glasses and a 486 running linux

  • 6 kids from all over Yuppie Valley are gathered together in the secret mountaintop fortress (that's visible for miles in any direction) of Linus Torvalds. They are given a share of the power of Open Source and become mighty hackers for the cause of "Good".

    Their mission, to fight the evil of Billgatus of the Microschlockians. (Or Caseus of the evil AOL empire, or Governmentus Overregulatum and it's nasty horde of encryption-fearing freaks). The possibilities are endless! That's what's so scary!

    The only thing that could be worse is that the Sabanistas could replace the Linus character with Billgatus! **SHUDDER**

    Okay. I admit it. I'm a sick individual. So sue me. My shrinks have all my money anyhow.

    Chas - The one, the only.
    THANK GOD!!!

  • Man, that would be a cool power.
  • As for all those "superheroes" that want to save the world from someone doing something vile on the 'Net, I hope you folks have seen the second Mahou Shoujo Pretty Samy OAV series (it's available here in the US in dubbed/subtitled form from Pioneer LDCA).

    In the story, a villian named "Biff Standard" is trying to take over the world's computers, and it's up to Pretty Samy and friends to stop him from completing his evil scheme. "Biff Standard" looks and acts suspiciously like this CEO who works in Redmond, WA. (^_^)
  • ...that Marvel kicked out Stan. It's like sacking
    Walt Disney being fired from Disney, or Steve Jobs being fired from Apple...oh.

    In a year or two, Stan might be able to buy back the remains of Marvel...if Time Warner doesn't get to it first (which would be fairly cool)
  • Hey, I want to see Perl Man and Dr. Python battle the evil Visual C++...
  • Anyone remember that show?
  • No, those characters wouldn't be owned by Marvel. Marvel may be many things but it's not Disney.

    Disney has the clause in the contracts they force animators to sign which says ANYTHING an animator creates while working under the pervasive Disney influence is owned by Disney, even stuff created on personal time.

    Unless his contract states the same, I doubt Marvel could lay claim. Marvel can only lay claim to the characters that they publish under a work-for-hire system that all freelancers agree to, with special exceptions, such as the Epic line.

    Interestingly for this web site, Cerebus creator Dave Sim works closest to the open source credo as one is going to find in comicdom. If his creative partner, Gerhard, were to leave the Cerebus book, Sim has said Gerhard would be well within his rights to publish a Cerebus comic all his own. And let the better book win.

  • For one, does anyone in journalism have any sense of creativity at all?!? Or is it in their writer's guidelines that any story mentioning comic books or super-heroes must start with "Wham!" or "Bang" or "Zap"?!?

    Secondly, Stan Lee has created other new characters in the past thirty years. For one, he created RAVAGE 2099. Now, he might not wish to take credit for it, but it was his creation. (John Byrne didn't approve of the name "Ravage" for a hero and so left the project, amongst other reasons. His quote at the time was something along the lines of "Would you want your daughter to be dating some guy named 'Ravage'?")

  • Using a "hot topic" as a jumping-off point for a story is not necessarily bad. If done well it's called timely. There are plenty of examples of comics doing a good job at dealing with the "hot issues".

    You didn't like Captain Planet? Fine. But what about Animal Man? He was definately an environmentalist. Or the "Hard Choices" storyline in New Warriors that intelligently dealt with environmentalism (and, shock of all shocks, considered everyone's viewpoint).

    And computer stuff? There was a nice story by John Francis Moore in Doom 2099 about a technopagan. The story was a fun, well-written read.

    My point is that stories about the "hot new thing" can be done well. And without looking to current technologies and societal issues for inspiration we would have characters like the Vision, the All-New, All-Different X-Men, or Barb Wire :)
  • Don't be so quick to give up on the idea of "Web Heroes". The zdnet article is pretty scanty on details. There is nothing to say that Stan's Internet is going to be the "real" Internet as of 1999.

    For example, if he takes his cue from Vernor Vinge's classic "True Names" he could have a great universe for his stories.

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