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Screaming Beepers Cause Car Crash 16

Scott Hutton writes "Yahoo has a Reuters article about how a man crashed his car when fifty newly-purchased pagers all went off at once. It's all marketing's fault, too... " See? that is why you shouldn't carry 50 beepers.
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Screaming Beepers Cause Car Crash

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  • Posted by gruv:

    I admit, I still have mine. But I still think they are "Electronic Leashes". I've had to change the number twice becuase of psycho ex-girlfreinds. I am very selective whom I give my number out to now. And it was always a pain in the ass to have it go off going down the road, and no way of calling someone back unless you went to go find the nearest payphone. Don't have a quarter..oops it's now .35 cents..yer SOL. 1-800-COLLECT? Try calling yer sweety back using that..David Arquette must have one helluva lady. I did that once and got the beat down. I got a cell phone, I could use the paging feature on it, or get a two-way one. But I like the one I got and time is money. So I give my cell number out to a litmited amount of people, so people have to call my pager and not my cell and eliminate talk time. And I don't have to keep my celly on all the time.

    You know what, this started out as a two sentence post, just to comment and make someone chukle, now it's gone to far. Now that is a prime example on personal communications. I think I'll just strap a wire-tap on my arm and learn Morse-Code. But I think there is a legit Pager fetish, having it in your front pocket on *Vibrate*.

    Remember when pagers meant either you were a Dr. or a drug dealer? Dope man dope man!

    Me, I would just strut in the party with a garage door opener remote strapped to my belt. Ahh the good ole days.....

  • I don't like giving out my pager either. So the obvious answer for my e-mail enabled friends, is for them to write me an e-mail page. That way, any I don't like, I can filter. Now if that dang Chesh set and Set program weren't taking up my life, I might knuckle down and polish it off. I need an efficient way to snip a page out of the spool once it's fired off to the pager.
  • I had a cell phone for a day and a half. Then I took it back to the shop and complained that Within 6 hours of getting the damn thing, I recieved three telemarketing calls...AT MY EXPENSE! I calmly explained that if he didn't return my money and canceled my account (without the early cancelation penality)I was going to call my lawyer. My firm has a very good lawyer as a customer and after all the work we did for him and her office, she told us that if we needed and legal help she would have someone do what they could. Needless to say, I got my money back and have sinve never succumed to the temptations of cellular. Now if I could rid myself of this damn beeper I'd really be happy.
  • I grew very irritated when you couldn't use them for two-way communication
    You're using the wrong pager then. I've enjoyed the RIM IP 950 [], though I'm fortunate enough not to have to pay for it [].
  • ... and thanks to procmail I get my girlfriends' email directly thru SMS (Short Messages).
  • Is anything from their album on MP3?
  • by hime ( 5963 )
    This post feels way too much like an urban legend.
  • I had one once. I grew very irritated when you couldn't use them for two-way communication so it's now resting peacefully at the bottom of a lake. :)
  • Get one good vibrating pager. Wait till its battery is running down, and it decides to completely flatten its battery by vibrating continuously. Rest it on each desk in your office, until you find a desk that resonates at the frequency of the pager. Then wait for everyone within a 100 metres to come and find out what the bloody noise it. They are wonderful.
  • Yeah I had one of those things too, when they first came out. My boss gave me one to be a guinea pig.. was fine with me. Essentially I got a free beeper for 6 months, heh. it was real nifty but I had plenty of problems with it. you only get about 90% of your beeps, even less when you're in a concrete building (as apposed to wood).. which really sucks. They're pretty unreliable and didn't sell too well - we got a LOT of returns... prolly 75% of ppl who bought them returned them like, within the week.

    I wonder what the morons are gonna do about the people they owe airtime ;P


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