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Being Peter Molyneux 21

simoniker writes "Gamasutra has an interview with Lionhead's Peter Molyneux up, in which he discusses next-gen technology choices, his troubles with the press, and his overwhelming drive to succeed, as well as some new thoughts on Fable 2. On his press difficulties: 'I've come to realize that the way I speak, the things I talk about are going to be interpreted. And that sometimes leads to misquotes, and that sometimes that can be frustrating, but for example — the talk I've given today, there's nothing for me to point to onscreen — I'm just giving you a braindump of my ideas. And half of that — half of the interest of that is the interpretation you put on it in your own mind... I'll be absolutely honest with you, sometimes in the past I've actually changed little bits of the game to match the misquote, however insane that sounds.'"
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Being Peter Molyneux

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  • Boring. Next. Seriously, he's like an idiot on speed.
  • I like what he's done here. By creative use of language, he can say whatever he wants!

    Like "misquotes," which is my favorite. What he actually means is "lying to drive sales," with the connotation of "rapid backpedalling."

    The editor's dept. line is quite right. Less talk, more games.
    • If he was misquoted then why doesn't he say "oh no my game won't actually have that, I was talking about a wish" Because simply he doesn't know when he's said to much. Are you doing a technical investigation? Don't talk about it. Are you building a prototype, don't talk about it. Stop acting like a Game god, and become a good manager first. It's apparent that he's the type of manager who everyone hates, he over promises, under delivers, and then blames the programmers or tools.
  • the creator of Syndicate [insomnia.org], 'nuff said.

  • Future headline (Score:3, Informative)

    by elrous0 ( 869638 ) * on Tuesday October 31, 2006 @05:45PM (#16665013)
    "Game Designer Peter Molyneux Drowns to Death in Giant Pool of Pretension"


  • Molyneux (Score:3, Funny)

    by American AC in Paris ( 230456 ) on Tuesday October 31, 2006 @06:07PM (#16665269) Homepage
    Monyneux Molyneux? Molyneux Molyneux Molyneux.
  • I enjoy game related news as much as anyone else. However, why is it that games news is outnumbering everything else combined article-wise? Some of it is very good, but a lot of it seems to be pure fluff (this for example).
  • I really wish someone would tell Peter Molyneux to shut up for a bit. It seems like every couple of weeks I see an article about him tooting his own whistle in the media somehow, and it's starting to get irritating. Maybe I'd care if he'd actually made a game that came close to meeting expectations in the last decade or so.
  • from the tired-of-his-bullshit department. Molyneux is the master of grandstanding and double-speak. A quote from Peter M. from just the previous article here on /.

    "Fable 2 should be everything you expect, then 10 times more that you don't expect -- and that doesn't just apply to this one feature ... I almost said it then! -- that applies to the whole game."

    Well, golly, Pete if you're tired of people expecting "10 times more than they don't expect" then don't build your games up that way. And point
    • Fable 2 should be everything you expect, then 10 times more that you don't expect -- and that doesn't just apply to this one feature ... I almost said it then! -- that applies to the whole game."

      I expect it to run on the Wii.

      Otherwise I won't buy it.

      Right now I've got a Gamecube, an xBox (bought to play Fable), and a PS2. I'm buying a Wii, but not the other game consoles.

      Want my money? Port it to the Wii and let my shoot those darned annoying faeries in the frickin head!
  • Fixed it for you: Boring Peter Molyneux.
  • i enjoy:

    • salmon chunks
    • crackers
    • dip
    • soda pop.

    that is all.

  • "That means that I do push myself - I can look you in the eye and truly say that I'm trying to make Fable 2 the greatest game I will ever build. If you write that, it will get me in an enormous amount of trouble, but that is what I truly believe."

    Oh man. I love that the author DID include that quote.

    I love PM games. They are always inventive and fun, even if they don't come close to the hype generated. If you ignore the hype, and just take the game for what it is, it's fun. Populous, B&W 1, Fable...

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