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GDC Floor To Double in Size for 2007 25

Yahoo! is reporting that, in the race to claim E3's crown, the Game Developer's Conference has announced there will be more than twice the space on the show floor next year. From the article: "When GDC was last in San Francisco in 2005, the show occupied the three floors of Moscone West. For GDC 07, the organizers reserved both Moscone West and Moscone North. With the Moscone West show floor virtually sold out, the organizers have now additionally secured the keynote hall in Moscone South in order to convert Moscone North into a second dedicated show floor. This will allow the GDC to accommodate the voluminous requests coming in for exhibition space and to include fresh exhibitor opportunities, such as the all-new Game Demo Theater." With PAX, GDC, GenCon, Leipzig, and others all lining up to be 'the next E3', is it too early to place bets? Will one event reign supreme, or is the E3 cake going to be shared by all these groups from now on?
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GDC Floor To Double in Size for 2007

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  • Why? (Score:3, Funny)

    by neonprimetime ( 528653 ) on Tuesday September 19, 2006 @03:00PM (#16139735)
    Is that to account for more vendors, or for the increase in physical size of the game players? Arrrrrr!
  • GDC is not E3 (Score:4, Informative)

    by GearType2 ( 614552 ) on Tuesday September 19, 2006 @03:01PM (#16139742)
    If you've *ever* been to GDC, you'd know it's not taking E3's place. GDC is quite seriously a conference for the game developers. Much of the excitement last year was powerpoint presentations on the next gen consoles. Seriously, it is not meant for consumers at all, or to create buzz(well as much as E3).
    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by RingDev ( 879105 )
      But will that continue in the future? If they've over doubled the square footage from last year, their are either a lot more development studios getting together at this GDC, or they are increasing the scope of the event to include more flash, corporate, and consumer interest.

      • it's a two-sided stick.

        we are expo vendors and have been for a few years (very small booth) - the expo is pretty much the 'ugly duckling' of the entire GDC. The najority of GDC is about presentations & sessions, the expo component is a very minor sideshow, however large the conference floor is.

        I think that CMP is trying to improve the visibility of the expo to try and drive more people there - the expo is very small, traffic-wise, compared to any of the other events. While the conference / sessions ar
    • It seems to me that the various conference organizers themselves aren't in a race to replace E3, it's the media and fans that are looking for something to replace it. I wouldn't be surprised if they're expanding the space because other people are looking to them to replace E3 and will flock to them, not because the organizers actually intend to do that.
    • It should stay that way.
    • it is not meant ... to create buzz

      You just made the toolchain and middleware vendors cry. WTG.
    • I've been one of those guys with the orange shirts and the headsets who helps people out and find where they need to be and all that. We're all volunteers who work in exchange for a ticket to the show when we're not on duty. Our numbers have been increasing every year, up to 220 in 2006. I think it's safe to say CMP considers the ticket-for-work trade a good investment for the orange shirts.

      With this increase in show floor and conference rooms, I think it's safe to say the amount of orange shirts is going t
    • Absolutely true, apart from the bit about Buzz. I don't think many people except for hard-core Edge readers were too aware of Spore until that video was released on t'interweb. Sure, some people were aware of it (mainly because of the lead developer), but nobody knew enough to get genuinely excited until that release.

      Incidentally, showcasing Spore at GDC rather than E3 or anywhere else was a stroke of PR genius. It got all the right people worked up about the game's core dynamics so all the other people go

  • "is the E3 cake going to be shared by all these groups from now on?" awww, there's *always* room for cake!
  • E3 1990s (Score:2, Insightful)

    by ACAx1985 ( 989265 )
    The market has shifted. There will never be anything like E3 of the 1990s. With instant communication now a huge force in gaming, these giant events that cost companies so much money are never going to be as large as they once were.

    It used to be a big thing.. it's not anymore, and won't ever be.
    • Not only that, but the collapse of E3 has reminded the industry (and the media who cover it) the dangers of putting all your eggs in one basket. It's the same reason no one event has sprung up to fill the void left by COMDEX.
    • ...giant events that cost companies so much money...
      Isn't that part of why they got rid of E3? was costing these developers and publishers too much time and money in preparation. So now that E3 is gone we have 5 more gaming conferences that are increasing their size to try and fill the void. So instead of wasting time and money on just E3 you're wasting time and money on 5 events now... yeah that's MUCH better.
  • I would think none of them would try to claim E3's crown. My understanding was that game companies were seeing increasing costs and diminishing returns in putting on such shows, which is why most of them decided to back out of E3 2007, leading to it's demise. So why would another show be allowed to be just as wasteful and distracting?
    • by NekoXP ( 67564 )
      GDC isn't E3 though; E3 is for journalists first and foremost. Big COME LOOK AT OUR SHIT demo show where everyone spends 25% of the game development time and budget making a demo for 3 days, wasting resources.

      GDC is for GAME DEVELOPERS. There are as many lectures and talks and so on which serve the purposes of mapping out the course of game development as there are silly little demos on games. Journalists come in because they would throw a fit if it was totally closed, but also because they offer some good
    • A new show may have lower fee to get into?
  • If all of these conferences thrive it will only help developers. Instead of dreading May each year and going crazy trying to come up with some deliverable to have gamers "Ooh" and "Aah" over, they can pick and choose approximately the month they want to let info get out. It doesn't even have to be the same each year.

    One year, Rockstar announces "Rockstar Games Presents: Pinball" during PAX, another year they release more details at GDC. It'll make their schedules more flexible.
  • Most Importantly, will there be a replacement for the E3 booth babes?
  • I'm at the GDC to learn. If I see a cos-player in any of my sessions, I'm asking for my money back.

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