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Comment Re:quote (Score 1) 1034

And why invest emotionally when you know that it won't work out?

Compounding this even more are social rules about how alpha males are supposed to be all aloof and so neck-deep in women that one more is unimpressive.
Gushing about how much you actually like a girl? What are you, some sort of stunted, desperate, game/porn playing beta male? What a turn-off (apparently).
^I'll grant the above line is exactly the sort of nuance-stunted non-mastery of flirtation that 20,000 hours of gaming/porn has earned me.

Comment Re:Don't fear the reaper (Score 5, Insightful) 182

I'd make an off-the-cuff guess that most people could extend their effective lifespans by 24% if they just got +20 minutes of moderate (heart rate up, light sweat) exercise each day. Cost? $0 and 20 minutes of time. Available to everyone, ready for mass implementation today. Compared to gene therapy, anyone could do the exercise today for nothing. And most won't even then.

Comment Scale (Score 1) 585

America has 300 million+ people.... and he's estimating a change that MIGHT increase fatalities by 149 per year.

Sorry, but that's background noise. We lose more people to random lightning strikes. We lose 400,000 to heart disease each year. He didn't say how many lives would be saved or improved my reduced air pollution either.

Comment Brand Name (Score 1) 200

I'm with Notch on the idea that Elder Scrolls really doesn't have a lot of scroll-based IP in it nor the right to own single words, but more importantly:

Of all the company names Notch could pick to epitomize what he and Minecraft are about, why "Scrolls"? That doesn't add any brand value. Honestly, he himself has ten times the brand recognition of any company name he could make. He could make his company "NotchCo" or "Notch's Minecraft Company" and get 100x the name recognition.

"Scrolls Studios, LLC? The hell is that?"
"It's the company Notch founded, that made Minecraft."
"Oh! Why didn't you just SAY so?"

Comment Re:more of this look and feel bullshit again? (Score 1) 260

I wonder just how "similar" they really expect things can be and still be counted as infringement?

"Well, ours is sort of generically tablet-shaped, smooth and pleasing to the touch. Sooo... we're gonna need you to make yours have lots of jagged rusted metal bits on it, to be different."

Comment Protection (Score 1) 136

It might not be "creation" of wealth, but prevention of wealth destruction is real. How much would it cost for the nation's banks or stock markets to go down for even one day? Then factor in the overall lost deals and reputation over the future. That's what preventing it is worth.

Spending some of our gold to hire guards to guard our giant pile of gold isn't a complete waste of gold. The guards may not make the pile bigger, but they help prevent it from getting massively smaller. And you're naive if you think there's no one would like to make the pile a lot smaller.

Comment Angry Birds (Score 1) 287

These kamikaze birds are SO angry that they think NOTHING of plowing themselves into buildings, skyscrapers if you will, and exploding, as long as it will kill a few of the hated pigs in the process.

But you make a good point on rate, it can take 30 to 60 seconds to set up just ONE brutal pig murder/suicide sometimes, which isn't a very good murder per minute rate.

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