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CoD 2 Hits 1 Million Sold 41

Gamasutra reports that the first 360 to hit a million copies sold is, unsurprisingly, Call of Duty 2. From the article: "The World War II themed first person shoot 'em-up was already the best selling title available at launch in the U.S. and is now officially the best selling title of all time on the format, as well as being the most popular Xbox 360 game on Xbox Live. Although console launches have traditionally been dominated by first party releases this convention has proven less true in recent years with LucasArts' Star Wars: Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II (also published by Activision in Europe) proving to be the best selling title at the launch of the GameCube. Sony meanwhile, has rarely relied heavily on first party titles for any of its console launches."
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CoD 2 Hits 1 Million Sold

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  • I really thought that people were getting sick of the World War 2 setting in shooters. I know I am.

    I guess there are at least 1 million people that disagree with me!
    • by snuf23 ( 182335 )
      I thought I was but actually tried CoD 2 and enjoyed myself quite a lot. Probably the best approximation of the old WW2 action movie ever done in gaming. A bit goofy at times and very linear but also a lot of fun.
    • Is the 2003 invasion of Iraq still considered too risqué to make a game of?

      Maybe in 50 years we can play out the gulf war.

      I don't think the horror of war should ever be reduced to a computer game.
    • by Rayonic ( 462789 )
      Well, they keep getting better and better. I played a bunch of Medal of Honor games, and then was blown away by the original Call of Duty.
  • COD2 is the most popular game for xbox360 because there isnt that many cool games out for it....


    • by Osty ( 16825 )

      COD2 is the most popular game for xbox360 because there isnt that many cool games out for it....

      Out of the launch titles, sure. Geometry Wars was hands-down the best launch title, and it only costs $5. However, there have been a number of titles released since then that range from good to excellent (Oblivion, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Fight Night Round 3, etc). Maybe you have esoteric tastes (no hentai tentacle porn on 360 ... yet), or loyalty to a specific brand rather than genre (Ninety Nine Nights

  • by Anonymous Coward
    With the 360 dead in both Japan and Europe it's no wonder that it took so long for it to finally get a million seller.

    It is telling though that the first million seller for the 360 is a game anyone with a pc can play a cheaper and better looking version of.


    • I haven't bought COD2 but I'm pretty much set with Oblivion, Battlefield 2, Marble Blast, and Geometry Wars. Though I wonder how many copies of the Live Arcade games they have sold. Spending $5 for GW is a no brainer.
    • Uhm... 1 million in the US...
    • Actually, it takes more than a cheap pc 7.html [] to make it nice looking. I could barely run it on minimum resolution on my 2.4ghz p4, 1gig ddr, geforce 4 ti42000. I tried out a $100 radeon 9600 card and it looked alright, but the 360 can run it hd no problem. Try to get a pc to do that out of the box for $500. Also, COD 2 is a great game. Some games are not fun online, but COD2 is made for it. I don't know why the 360 isn't doing very well, but it is d
    • by DeeDob ( 966086 )

      I submit this to you:
      How can you have a game that sells over a million copies on a specific console when you don't even have a million copies of that console sold?

      Halo 1 didn't sell it's first million copies in the first months either.

      Now that the 360 has a few millions in installed user base, you can expect to begin to see a first few million seller games coming around. It is absurd to think that you can sell millions when the hardware is barely out.
  • Odd how the lists i've seen MajorNelson publish such as this one for the week of 9/4 show COD2 as being third behind Madden and Saints Row: x -Live-Activity-for-week-of-September-4-2006.aspx [] The week before that was also Madden topping it: Xbox-Live-Games-for-week-of-8-28.aspx [] But I guess Activision is working off of old information even though their Press Release is from today and their game has not been t
    • by radish ( 98371 )
      Yes COD has recently been knocked off the top spot, but since launch (nearly a year ago) COD has been top pretty much every week. If you add all that up, then it's certainly been the overall most popular.
  • by lorg ( 578246 )
    FPS games are like Indiana Jones movies, they are only good when there are nazis to gun down. So COD2 is a good game.
  • I love COD. I currently play COD2, but started out with COD1. It's so good, that I think it actually hurts the gaming market. I play it online all the time, and it's so fun and changing when you play against real people that I have little reason to seek out or buy another game.

    COD has provided me with hundreds of hours of gaming fun.

  • Those figures look a little fishy :)
  • by AspectRatio ( 951328 ) on Wednesday September 13, 2006 @05:07PM (#16099277)
    Yes, COD2 is the first million selling title on the Xbox 360 in the US. So, it doesn't matter that you think the 360 is a flop in Europe, and it doesn't matter that you're sick of WWII shooters. The thing sold a million units to customers in the US. With a little over 3 million consoles in the US, that means a third of all 360 owners has COD2. The only other game with that kind of attach rate is Halo. So, snark all you want, people liked the game enough to buy a million copies of it, and it had been the #1 360 title on Live for most of the product's life. Yes, the last three weeks has seen Madden and Saints Row at the top. And yes, Halo 2 is the most played title of any platform. So what? The game was a well made, well crafted, popular game.
    • I was about to click on the "parent" link to see what had you so pissed off. Then I noticed it didn't exist, your well aimed retort was aimed at, well, no one really. The story just reports the figures, there is no grandparent, so what's making you so mad? What your posts remind me of is when a radical feminist claims that what a bunch of men are thinking right now is wrong after wrongly guessing what they were actually thinking. Leave your angry rebuttals until there is something to rebut, until then, chil

  • I saw COD 1 on sale at the local EB Games for 19.99, so I picked it up. What a waste. It had basically the same engine as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault but it was significantly less fun. One person on an Amazon review described it aptly: it's like you're playing "on rails". You're directed on a set path and don't have much freedom or creativity in attacking the targets. Moreover, there were plenty of times when your team members got shot but didn't die (e.g. on the securing the bridge level where you run b
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Rude Turnip ( 49495 )
      I didn't really get the rails feeling with're only limited by your creativity and nimbleness of fingers. There are more than a couple of ways to approach a level and you can accomplish certain missions in a level out of order, such as clearing houses in villages or putting thermite on large guns.

      There is a particular mission in one of the next to last levels where you have to defend a barn against several waves of nazis. You could simply use the mg in the barn to mow them down, but I preferred
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by PaganRitual ( 551879 )
      COD2 does give you a fair bit more freedom, but all it really does is alternate between two scenarios.

      Firstly, you find yourself in a standoff where you are trying to advance, and have infinite allied forces that constantly respawn, and they have infinite bad guys that constantly respawn, and it's a matter of just culling them down before a spawn so that you can charge in and trigger the level flag that turns off that spawn, thus 'capturing that position' and allowing you to move onto the next such setup.

    • COD + UO expansion pack + online play = many, many hours of fun.

      At least, that is my opinion. Also, my experience is limited to PC (not game console) play.
  • by popo ( 107611 ) on Wednesday September 13, 2006 @11:40PM (#16101431) Homepage
    I finally succumbed and bought a 360.

    CoD2 is a decent game, but certainly not a great game. I'd give it a solid B.
    So far the only games that have true visual 'wow' factor and great gameplay are
    Ghost Recon and Test Drive Unlimited. PGR 3 is a big letdown IMHO.

    Ghost Recon is a huge surprise in terms of gameplay and a graphics engine that
    is surprisingly awesome. And the co-op Splitscreen multiplayer rules.

    TDU is a little odd, but its a grower. I'm usually not big on driving games,
    but the MMO/persistent world aspect of it is a nice feature.
    I find myself playing that game all the time.
    A great little surprise.

  • Not condoning theft, just acknowledging it.

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