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Comment Re:Good, get the pencil neck (Score 1) 1088

Do you claim to be statistically certain that 0 of those documents pose any risk to America or its allies? If a single person is harmed or there is any negative consequence for releasing all of those documents, then they should probably not be released (which consequently may be why they were classified in the first place).

Comment Re:How does (Score 1) 1088

We provide more direct aid to the Taliban than these documents do. We fund Warlords directly, we fund Pakistan, we fund ISI, we fund parts of the Karzai regime (yes it is a regime), we fund Militant Talibs from the haqqani network to Paki Talibs indirectly.And this is now, today, this does not include the massive amounts of funding and training that not just us but the Sauds et al gave to the mujaheddin in the 80's. We are our own worst enemy.

Even if we are our own worst enemy, that doesn't mean that we should help out the Taliban in any way, shape, or form.

Comment Re:The Whistleblowers' Blues (Score 1) 632

Obama, like Bush, has a horrendous track record of using "States Secrets" to cover the collective asses of this government and shield us from the big bad wars. Things like covering the illegal rendition and torture of innocents, like Maher Arar.

First off, what about all of the cases that these "state secrets" protected information that should be protected? Are you saying that the vast majority of classified or senstitive documents are "State secrets" only to 'cover the asses' of X administration? The problem is, Wikileaks does not discriminate about what they want. They want people to post any and all classified, sentitive, or otherwise. Hell, why not just post a 'how to build nuclear weapons guide' for North Korea? Maybe all the military strike plans should be posted on wikileaks right before operations because everyone has the right to know? There is a reason for the classification system. It can be abused by the government just as it can be abused by Wikileaks. The difference is that the government has safeguards and oversight that is supposed to fight abuse--does Wikileaks have anything to do this?

Comment Re:leaking state secrets is treason (Score 1) 632

I realize that a leak can be for a noble cause. However, the main purpose of classification is to protect items that could be harmful to national security. Their are safeguards to make sure that classification does this. If someone deliberately posts classified material, how can they know what harm it will cause?--Or do they just not care? Is this responsible journalism?

Comment leaking state secrets is treason (Score 0) 632

There is a reason for classification. Releasing classified documents knowingly is treason against the United States. It is written very clearly in laws. His lawyers know that he is breaking the law and are simply advising him as a lawyer should. This is not the US government being awful. This is a matter of this 'media darling' possibly performing treason against the United States of America. What do you think ANY country would do if he released their state secrets? What happens when he crosses a line and gets people killed because of this information that SHOULD? be available?

Comment has anyone seen high quality flv? (Score 2, Interesting) 388

MLB could benefit from the high resolution available. Has anyone watched the March Madness on Demand from The quality was amazing... much better than any flash video that I have watched. It seems that Flash is way behind in terms of video. Youtube is NOT good quality.'s video scaled down or up based on the available bandwidth and was an excellent viewing experience. Of course, I am not factoring in the business aspects, but the quality of silverlight's video can be high. further reading

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