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Unusual Source-Driven Adventure Game MODs 33

bengal0 writes "Two new HL2 mods created in six months by graduating students at the Guildhall at SMU are available for download. Both games are single player adventure games, with mouse-driven interfaces focusing on exploration and puzzle solving. Weekday Warrior is a comical game set in an office environment, in which a bored office worker daydreams to escape his normal life. In Shantytown, a girl and her robot companion explore a towering, futuristic city in search of a way to stop the trash that is falling on her house. BitTorrent links: Weekday Warrior, Shantytown."
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Unusual Source-Driven Adventure Game MODs

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  • For a second there I thought it meant "source" as in source code, until I saw the part about Half Life. Talk about confusing – who'd have thought a proprietary game would be called Source? And even the name Half Life kind of gets confusing if you try hard enough (I remember in geometry class, our teacher was showing how to work our TI-83's, and everyone was so disappointed when she explained her "HALFLIFE" program was to determine the half-life of a radioactive atom... I think I'm the only one in th
    • The title also uses lambda for an A, making it Hllf-Life.
    • And that's not the only confusing part. I generally thought that modifications to a game were called "mods", not "MODs". The only MODs I have are some old Amiga audio files []...
    • .NET is the worst name-taker of the bunch. Maybe I'll come up with a nice new app and call it .COM - we'll see how that one flies.

      It's a pain to Google for something named like that and commonly used words being used for products just makes it tougher to find information about online and gather statistics on it's usage.
      • Already done – Microsoft's had programs named stuff like COMMAND.COM for years. And now, of course, it's come back and bit them in the ass because of those e-mail viruses that send .COM programs to trick people into thinking it's a .com Web site... got to love Microsoft, eh?
        • ...those e-mail viruses that send .COM programs to trick people into thinking it's a .com Web site... got to love Microsoft, eh?

          Not that I care for Microsoft but you can't blame them, they had the .com extension years before the web was a gleam in anyone's eye. You should blame the person that came up with the .com domain while knowing full well it could eventually be a problem. I guess we can be thankful a .exe domain wasn't created.
  • Talk about Unusual! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Dr. Eggman ( 932300 ) on Friday June 16, 2006 @10:19PM (#15553175) [] Kreedz Climbing, a mod devoted to trick climbing/jumping in levels to reach odd places. Now that's unusual!
  • by popo ( 107611 ) on Friday June 16, 2006 @10:55PM (#15553295) Homepage

    The office modeling, texturing and character scripting is nice, and the voice acting is well recorded and surprisingly well done. Unfortunately the camera angles are so god-awful that the game is rendered nearly unplayable. I spent most of my first 15 minutes just wandering around blind corners and bumping into things. Its a shame that that a project which clearly has a lot of polish on it, is so hamstrung by such a poor technical solution. Instead of the game being challenging it ends up just being frustrating.

    Too bad. Its clear that many other members of the dev team did an excellent job.

    Looking forward to 2.0

  • I'd have to say this is the first Slashdot article in YEARS that's given me stuff that matters! These'll be fun to play. :D
  • ...if they don't move fast enough for you: r/SetupWeekdayWarrior.exe s/ShantytownSetup.exe []

    But before you slashdot their servers, please, think of the poor college students trying to pay off college loans. Don't make them break into their savings for bandwidth!

  • It's good to see people thinking outside of the box with what is available with Source, due to the market domination of CS:S and Day of Defeat it seemed as if that engine was doomed to only seeing mods based on that kind of FPS multiplay. It seems like most of the mods since those two gained popularity have been very similar except for a number which have become well recognised for their own achievements, hopefully these two can live up to the growing market in the mod community for things that are differen
  • by bitkari ( 195639 ) on Monday June 19, 2006 @02:54PM (#15563292) Homepage
    I've also been working on a third-person-perspective adventure game mod for the Source engine as part of my studies.

    We built Absence [] over the last few months of our degree at the University of Salford []. There were 7 of us who worked on it, and like the folk at Guildhall, we found the source engine to be very flexible to work with - hammer in particular is a wonderful tool.

    There were a few problems, however. As we were left up to our own devices, we had to rely solely on the modding community for support. This was good in that there are a number of friendly and helpful modders about who are willing to give advice - but there are rather massive gaps in knowledge with the source engine - particularly the coding side of things. When you've only got a short amount of time to come up with something the tech can quickly become a significant barrier.

    Also, getting the game out to people that don't have the game is a pain. Yes, I know this is a totally obvious thing to say, but when you're trying to get an *adventure* game out, using a *shooter* engine means that your immediate audience is expecting something with guns/cars/boobs/etc, and you tend to not get much of a sympathetic ear when discussing your game.

    That aside, tho, source is great fun - and for the purposes of our school project, it did the job admirably.

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