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Emmy Awards for Mobile Phone Content 46

Dekortage writes "The New York Times discusses the new Emmy category 'for outstanding original programming for computers, cellphones and other hand-held devices, including the video iPod.' The nominees include 24: Conspiracy, Sophie Chase, and It's JerryTime!." From the article: "... lesser-known video creators are getting recognition as well. These include 'Sophie Chase,' an online series based on an attractive detective; 'Stranger Adventures,' a weekly interactive game where participants get e-mail messages and watch live-action video to help solve a puzzle; and 'It's JerryTime!,' created by two brothers from Massachusetts, Orrin and Jerry Zucker."
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Emmy Awards for Mobile Phone Content

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  • Checked out Jerrytime - i hope the karate date episode was one of the worst, because it was not good - is it meant to be funny?

    And that chick in Sophie Chase wasn't very hot.

    sheesh. If this is the level, maybe I should be producing something - and nobody wants to see that.
    • And that chick in Sophie Chase wasn't very hot.

      Apparently she's Angelina Jolie's body double. And for the "OMTWTFG THEIR ARE OTHER MEDIA PLAYERS BESIDES TEH IPOD!!!!" crowd, her website refers to the award as the "New Media Emmy Award". And who are you to doubt Angelina Jolie's body double?

    • If this is the level, maybe I should be producing something - and nobody wants to see that.

      On the contrary, I'm actually looking forward to, "Slashdot: Escaping the Basement." It's a fictional drama about a slashdotter who finally leaves his parent's basement only to find that the world is run by good looking stupid people, that "logic" is a mythical word only spoken in dark circles, and that he's constantly being reminded that he smells "a bit ripe".

      I can't wait to see the climax where the Slashdot

    • This is the actual nominee: []
  • But those are among the nominees for the first Emmy award to be given by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for outstanding original programming for computers, cellphones and other hand-held devices, including the video iPod.

    I hope that really isn't the title of the award. A) It's a mouthful and B) I think it's safe to say Apple doesn't need to get billing while other don't. Of course this is more a technical award, so you're not going to get to see it during the main Emmy telecast -- th

  • or outstanding original programming for computers, cellphones and other hand-held devices, including the video iPod.
  • by TopShelf ( 92521 ) on Tuesday April 11, 2006 @09:59AM (#15105311) Homepage Journal
    The Star Wars kid []!
  • by spxero ( 782496 ) on Tuesday April 11, 2006 @10:04AM (#15105354) Journal
    ... but can they include the category for best torrent of a tv show?
  • Red vs Blue (Score:3, Insightful)

    by PFI_Optix ( 936301 ) on Tuesday April 11, 2006 @10:06AM (#15105368) Journal
    'Nuff said.

    Rooster Teeth Productions has already made a huge splash in the independent film scene and has a lot of people taking machinima seriously because of the success of RvB. It's funny, is loaded with satire and tongue-in-cheek social commentary, and very, very original. Not to mention they sustain a volume of production that makes it more than just a short film.
    • agreed. but RvB might not be eligible, since it isn't "original" programming. lame, but that sort of crap happens a lot.
    • Or, say, Purepwnage. More funny video game related nonsense. Of course, neither would be considered because of how generally stuffy and out of touch these award shows like to be. I wonder if Battlestar Galactica will even be (or has been?) considered.
  • outstanding original programming for computers
    So, does my recent DDoS of Wikipedia count?
  • Don't suppose you can get the BBC's TARDISODES [] down to US phones? At least you can watch them on the web. Each one acts as a sort of prequel to each week's new Doctor who episode.
  • by ettlz ( 639203 ) on Tuesday April 11, 2006 @10:21AM (#15105475) Journal
    Lisa. This award is the biggest farce I ever saw.
    Bart. What about the Emmys?
    Lisa. I stand corrected.
  • by Mac Degger ( 576336 ) on Tuesday April 11, 2006 @10:21AM (#15105476) Journal
    'for outstanding original programming for computers, cellphones and other hand-held devices, including the video iPod.'

    This can be video, flash, games, presentations, quizes...and that's just on the pc! This is just insane...Oblivion should have won the emmy for computer game, had this catagory existed. But now I fear teh catagory is so overly broad that it will become a bought-and-paid-for advertising emmy.

    'Oh, we want to hype and PR this [insert product]...let's buy it the 'whatever as long as it's digital' emmy'.
    • Uh, right. Every single company hoping to promote something is going to run out and buy themselves an Emmy.

      Even accepting your basic premise that the award is for sale (which I don't), they still only give out one in each category every year. You'd think a massive bidding war to buy an award that no one's really going to care about would attract attention and be a big waste of time and money. Insightful indeed.

  • seriously Tikibar tv is by far the best podcast on the net.
    if you havent seen it: viewPodcast?id=73330667&s=143441 []

  • Oooh, a show about a detective? A detective who's also something of a babe?

    We sure needed to hand out awards for that sort of imaginative use of a new medium. Without an Emmy, how would it get any recognition? I ask you.

  • From an IMDB user review for that 24 spinoff..
    These are essentially 24 one-minute mobi-episodes that have appeared on cell phones as a promotional tool for season four. [...] This is a 24 mobi- epiisode show on cell phone, so I hope this doesn't come back for a second mobiseason.
    Can we just declare war on this particular mobi-prefix now, before it gets out of hand?
  • Wait, Jerry Zucker []?
  • So are these awards going to be called the 'Phonies'?
  • Fantastic, I love how cell phone makers create these fantastic fast cell phone data networks but instead of offering cheap wireless broadband they push proprietary expensive and stupid downloads that nobody wants.
  • This award is just a Daytime Emmy. More specifically, it will be given out at the "Creative Arts" Daytime Emmy awards ceremony. This is like getting an Oscar nomination... in the Scientific and Technical awards. Which no one watches. And no one outside of the Scientific and Technical award nominee community pays much attention to.

    Oh, and for the record, the award is officially "for Outstanding Original Programming Created for Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms."

    [Insert joke here]
    • [inserting joke here] Jetliner pilot achieves 30k Vocalizes internal thoughts: "Could use a coffee and a blowjob about now." From rear of plane stewardess appears, rushing forward through A- D aisles, aiming to tell Captain microphone is still on-hook. Passenger yells after her, "Hey! Don't forget rhe coffee!"
  • ...'The-most-senior-media-executive-to-realise-tha t-watching-movies-on-a-2"-screen is-stupid-stupid-stupid' (the 'wake up and smell the coffee') award is held over until next year as no nominees have been put forward.
    • Nominate me - it's stupid Not cost-effective And yet costless A lie And a sham. coeval \koh-EE-vuhl\, adjective: Of the same age; originating or existing during the same period of time -- usually followed by 'with'. Coevalic idiosyncracies With sponser-based covalic bondage breaking Cheesy grins melting You found us out. I can stop now Because Kurt ain't dead yet.

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