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CPL Partners With Gaming World Series 20

The Cyberathlete Proffessional League, the organization founded by Angel Munoz, has partnered with the World Series of Gaming. The CPL World Championship will become the second event in the World Series circuit. From the article: "The event, which currently has over 3,000 gamers registered from 58 countries, will be expanded to occupy 150,000 square feet of convention space, and is now expected to attract over 15,000 attendees from across the globe. Prizing for the two tournaments previously announced by the CPL will be adjusted to fit into the $1,000,000 World Series of Video Games format." No word yet on whether Snoop Dog's gaming tournament will be a part of the World Series.
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CPL Partners With Gaming World Series

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  • Growing Up (Score:4, Funny)

    by Bellum Aeternus ( 891584 ) on Wednesday February 22, 2006 @07:09PM (#14780598)
    150,000 square feet of convention space, and is now expected to attract over 15,000 attendees from across the globe.

    Wow, gaming is sure growing up to about real sport levels. I wonder when the super-game-bowl will air during primetime, complete with wardrobe malfunctions.

    Then again, with all the virgins in attendance that could be far more dangerous!

  • ..."Johnny Chan has got him beat and he doesn't know it."
  • by oskard ( 715652 ) on Wednesday February 22, 2006 @08:55PM (#14781226)
    The reason this partnership occurred was because Angel Munoz, CEO of the Cyberathlete Professional League, refused to make the Counter-Strike: Source competition a headliner. His reasoning is because he feels the folks over at Valve need to learn their lesson; Never fuck with Angel. He feels they were uncooperative in the release of key updates to the Source engine, without sharing any scheduling of these updates with the CPL. In fact, they made a MAJOR update right in the middle of last years Summer tournament. Little does he realize that competitive gaming accounts for SUCH a slim number of sales, he and his organization are uncared for by Valve, as (IMHO) they should be.

    Intel wanted a more graphic-intensive game to be the headliner for the CPL World Tour. That would be, Counter-Strike: Source. Instead, the headliner turned out to be Counter-Strike version 1.6, the old one, written on an engine 8 years old. While it provides a much more competitive experience, it just doesn't look pretty.

    Intel wanted to show off their NEW hardware. They are throwing millions of dollars into hosting the CPL events, but nobody is recognizing that this particular game is running better than their computers at home. That's because 1.6 can run on any computer 6 years old and still look decent.

    The partnership ended because of the CPL's unwavering stupidity. If they continue to market to such a narrow group of people (competitive gamers), they will never make their competitions a major event. As of now, the only spectators of competitive games are hard core gamers. If they want to attract outside audiences, they NEED to attract outside spectators. Couch potatoes watch Football games; CPL should be marketing to couch potatoes too.

    Proof that I feel very strongly about this issue; my signature.
    • I think the continued use of any Counterstrike variant is a mistake. I know many people get obsessed by it, but every match I've ever played seems to degenerate into a bunny-hopping automatic-fire-fest around some bottleneck corner, or fill up with boring people camping entrance points to the target, barely even moving the cross hairs.

      It's boring enough to play, let alone watch.
  • What I really want to know is, will they invite the US National Video Game Team? [seanbaby.com] (bad words, nsfw)
  • Picking games to compete in must be a difficult task. It seems like most run of the mill multiplayer games have a singular strategy that makes all other strategies worthless. If a multiplayer comes out with strategy, will it be a recurring event through the future... Or is the whole scheme to cycle new games so fast that no one realizes that there is only one optimal strategy in each game?
    • Even if there is an optimal strategy to win a game, you still have to consider the skill of players, especially in FPS. There might be something like "the best spot to defend your base" or "the quickest way to capture the enemy flag" but if you get a headshot while executing your perfect strategy, because the enemy has the better aim then you, even the best thought out plan is worthless. Racing games might also have a perfect strategy (shortest possible way around the racing track, etc.), which you could t
    • All good games that are worthy of competitive gaming have multiple strategies that can work and each has its advantages and faults. Zerg rushes may work most of the time but when your enemy is prepared and destroys your attack you are vulnerable and lack ressources, which is usually fatal. If a game has only one strategy that has a chance at succeeding it's a bad choice for pro gaming.
  • Why do they call themselves "cyberathletes"?
    I mean, chess players don't call themselves "chessathletes", nor do fishermen call themselves "fishathletes".
    The word "ahtlete" implies some sort of athletic activity.
    • Athlete n : a person trained to compete in sports the competitive "sport" of gaming. a sport and game are different. i consider gaming to be a sport. a sport requires skill and talent with training. a game can be played well by anyone. how many n00bs do you see owning the server on their first day?
  • OK folks, we can guarantee the Hot Coffee mod will be compulsory...
  • Old School Tetris Tournament

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