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Comment Re:clearly they havent heard (Score 4, Insightful) 81

GoDaddy's implementation of the API their senior VP of Domains Engineering "said that the program will not be open to public developers and that any service providers wanting access will have to be approved by his team at GoDaddy."

aaaaaand go fuck yourself for trying to make the internet proprietary. you might have swinging dicks backing this idea, but you can expect a shit-storm of legitimate registrars like Dreamhost and register4less to completely ignore this DNS fever-dream you have. Im sure youll support it for 4 years as an option, then quietly shuffle it under the rug of shit that didnt work out like that cloud storage you based entirely off net-app called Nebula.

Don't worry. If everybody follows GoDaddy's example, then nobody can interoperate and this protocol is dead in the water. They're basically hoping that competitors will let them take "their" domainnames while paying lipservice to supporting the protocol themselves.

Comment Re: Usenet (Score 1) 92

The likely reason they give TV away for free, is so they can claim a larger audience, and thus charge more for TV ads.

Yeah, because the people buying adspace are retards who blindly trust the TV providers and do no market research of their own.

I prefer to asssume that the people who are actually making a living doing something are atleast as knowledgeable about their job as me.

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