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Comment John Romero at the end of Doom 2 (Score 1) 261

In the Doom II final level "Icon of Sin", the boss is a giant goat's skull with a fragment missing from its forehead. It says, "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero!", distorted and in reverse to sound like a demonic chant. One can use the "idclip" cheat to enter the boss and see Romero's severed head which is skewered to a post. The player defeats the boss (without the idclip cheat) by shooting rockets into its exposed brain after activating a lift and riding it; Romero's head functions as its hit detection point; when he "dies", the boss is killed and the game is finished.

(incl. picture)

Comment AoC + Linux? (Score 1) 582

Will AoC run on Linux? As far as I know AoC has its own graphic engine built buy Funcom, using many DirectX10 features and it's also part of Microsoft's "Games for Windows" line-up. Any chance Wine will be able to handle AoC any time soon? I am not sure, maybe anyone here has more insight.

I would love to play something new, but so far the only MMORPGs that work perfectly smooth are WoW and Eve Online. WoW even runs faster since I switched to Linux. :-)

My expectations are high for "The Chronicles of Spellborn" which will be using a modified Unreal engine and should be easier to port, since most of the work has already been done with other games using nearly the same engine. Until then, I'll (have to) stick to WoW to get my daily MMORPG dose.

World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade Review 329

It would be hard to argue that World of Warcraft hasn't been a huge success. Not only has it been a financial success in the MMO market, but it has introduced many new people to Massive gaming that might not have otherwise given it a shot. With their first expansion, The Burning Crusade, Blizzard has made huge advances in many areas of the game. Long-standing complaints have been addressed, and the structure of the popular title has been reinforced. The casual players have gotten a large injection of content that is both accessible and enjoyable to someone who doesn't have huge amounts of time to play. At the same time, hardcore players who thirst for new challenges on a daily basis have quite a bit of work ahead of them. This is not to say that The Burning Crusade (BC) doesn't have its pitfalls, but overall I get the feeling that this is closer to what Blizzard's World of Warcraft dream was meant to be. Read on for my opinions of this new round of addiction.

Submission + - Powder-Sized RFID

Dollaz writes: Tiny computer chips used for tracking food, tickets and other items are getting even smaller. Hitachi Ltd., a Japanese electronics maker, recently showed off radio frequency identification, or RFID, chips that are just 0.002 inches by 0.002 inches and look like bits of powder. They're thin enough to be embedded in a piece of paper, company spokesman Masayuki Takeuchi said Thursday. der-chip.htm

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