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Earthbound Petition Making A Difference? 32

Thanks to Nintendojo for their story regarding Shigeru Miyamoto's positive reaction to an online petition about the Earthbound games. Miyamoto, discussing the series (soon re-released for GBA in Japan) in an interview with Official UK Nintendo Magazine, says "We had high hopes for Earthbound, the Super NES version, in the US, but it didn't do well... You might not know this, but there was a petition in the US, a 'Please make Mother 3 [an Earthbound sequel]' petition and it got about 30,000 signatures! After that, we thought 'Wow... Earthbound fans are really solid'." The petition in question was put together by the fansite Starmen.net, and Video-Fenky previously got hold of a copy, commenting on the "testament to the Mother fanbase's... deep-seated devotion to the game they love."
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Earthbound Petition Making A Difference?

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  • by Gr33nNight ( 679837 ) on Sunday September 14, 2003 @07:25PM (#6959661)
    I still own this game, and while the graphics are not up the par with the likes of Final Fantasy, it just didnt matter. The game was just fun, plain and simple.

    It was one of the few RPGs that actually made me laugh, and I am definately looking forward to the prequel to appear on the GBA.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 14, 2003 @07:40PM (#6959759)
    ...probably increased after he appeared in a Super Smash Brothers game. People had to wonder who the heck this character was, did a search on him, and either found a copy of the original game or downloaded a ROM.
    • FYI... (Score:3, Informative)

      The character that appeared in the Super Smash Brothers games is known as Ness. Earthbound is just the game's title.
    • Yep. My sentiments exactly. Man were those the days.... FF2, Zelda, FF3, EB, CT, Mario RPG, Harvest Moon. Mmmmm... I'm fairly sure the remake will hit here. Nintendo would be foolish not to right now, given the appeal of RPGs and the only Nintendo RPG goin right now is Pokemon (and that is dying too)... That doesn't count Square Enix's RPGs, i'm talking 1st party developed.
  • by neostorm ( 462848 ) on Sunday September 14, 2003 @08:18PM (#6960028)
    I can't remember the exact issue, but in a Nintendo Power magazine I recall seeing scratch-n-sniff stickers for Earthbound. It was Nintendo's original marketing strategy for the game. "The first game to interact with different human senses" or somesuch.
    You were directed to keep the stickers handy while playing, and at key moments in the game smell them to have a more interactive experience.
    Very strange.

  • Er... (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    "testament to the Mother fanbase's... deep-seated devotion to the game they love."
    Helloooooooooo, Freud.
  • by WapoStyle ( 639758 ) on Sunday September 14, 2003 @11:03PM (#6960916)
    ....was Earthbound on the SNES. It's a very solid RPG that really throws a curve with it's content. You can tell the developers had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs when making this game...the "New Age Retro Hippy" anyone? How about the Runaway Five? That cool little Blue's Brothers style band. Everything about Earthbound was so different than any other RPG of it's time. It's no wonder it didn't do so well...people don't like different. As I recall it came in a monsterous box with the Official Nintendo Players Guide bundled with the game.

    I hope Nintendo decides to release their upcoming Mother1+2 on the GBA in the US, I've long since lost my SNES cart and would love to be able to play the first game in the series.

    • Ah yes, I remember the monsterous box. That was no doubt a serious turn off for some buyers considering what went through my head when I saw it. Being an uninformed gamers when I was young (I wasn't subscribed for Nintendo Power and the internet wasn't a good source back then) I thought the game was some kind of light gun game or an add-on for the Super Scope. The box was bigger than my chest and almost as big as my younger sister. A serious turn off for my parents, who of course held the ultimate decision
    • I still have that box, with the strategy guide. Yes, it is huge, but so was the game (in terms of length, not a huge cart).
    • Actually, it was a smash (heh, pun,) hit in Japan. It was like a crazy cult phenomenon... though in America... well that was a bit different.
  • The orginal cart was translated by a group a few years back. If you ever wanted to play the orginal its out there and understandable if you don't know Japanese.

    • Ummm... No. The game was originally translated by NINTENDO in the late 80's but wasn't released with the SNES that close to hitting the states... What's been floating around the 'net is a copy of the cart that NOA would've probably used as a master but someone won it at an auction or something and Neo Demiforce reimbursed them for it, and also paid them money since the owner didn't want to have it dumped in order to keep the price up on it. Of course Neo Demi. had to do a little bit of hacking (just the
  • Isn't this the first time ever that an online petition has been taken seriously?

One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.