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Comment Re:So what about... (Score 1) 738

I agree completely, supporting a persons personal equipment in the office should not be your responsibility, no personal laptops on the domain, no personal cellphones on the company plan, if you end up supporting the gear you will be stuck with supporting it whenever there is a problem.

Of course that works on paper more often than it works in real life, CEO or an exec asks for assistance with there gadget, you probably are going to help


Testing the Safety of Tasers On Meth-Addled Sheep 253

Funded in part by Taser International, a recent study was done to learn the effects of being tasered while on methamphetamines. Since someone would probably complain about researchers going around and tasering meth addicts, they used sheep instead. From the article: "The less-lethal device of choice was the Taser X26, a standard law enforcement tool which can fire at suspects from a distance of 35 feet. Researchers shocked sixteen anesthetized sheep after dosing the animals with an IV drip of methamphetamine hydrochloride. Some of the smaller sheep weighing less than 70.5 pounds suffered exacerbated heart symptoms related to meth use. But neither the smaller nor larger sheep showed signs of the ventricular fibrillation condition, a highly abnormal heart rhythm that can become fatal."

South Korea Announces Daily MMO Blackouts For Youths 148

eldavojohn writes "GamePolitics reports that South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has announced two new policies that will force underage gamers to pick a six-hour block of time (midnight-6 AM,1-7 AM, or 2-8 AM) where they will not be able to play 19 online role-playing games. While it targets most popular MMORPGs, some popular games like Lineage were left off the list."
PC Games (Games)

An Early Look At Civilization V 286

c0mpliant writes "IGN and Gamespot have each released a preview of the recently announced and eagerly awaited Civilization V. Apart from the obvious new hexagon shape of tiles and improved graphics, the articles go on to outline some of the major changes in the game, such as updated AI, new 'flavors' to world leaders, and a potentially game-changing, one-unit-per-tile system. No more will the stack of doom come to your city's doorsteps. Some features which will not be returning are religion and espionage. The removal of these two have sparked a frenzy of discussion on fan-related forums."

The Grown-Up Video Game 152

Phaethon360 writes "Now, more than ever, we're seeing many Mature ratings (M+, 17+, 18) being distributed by various national media regulators. But that isn't the only indicator for a game's intended audience. It doesn't take a thousand swear words, scantily clad women or gratuitous violence to differentiate a ten-year-old's game from a twenty-year-old's. The spectrum of human emotions encompasses a wider palette than just revenge, fear, and loss, but the games that shy away from these are frequently mistaken as being for a younger audience. From the article: 'The human experience is one that is made up of great hardship, pain, loss, death, and a multitude of experiences seemingly designed to destroy a person. However, that same experience is also filled with joy, love, laughter, family and friends. ... These so-called “grown-up” games need not be relegated to the category of niche gaming. In fact, at times we find that these video games are capable of reaching mass popularity among the gaming community. It is here that we find one of our generation’s outlets for the expression of conflict.'"

Comment Consumer vs Commercial Electronics (Score 1) 253

A good portion of my job is to asset risk and advise on extended coverage and warranty enhancements for small/medium and enterprise businesses on there fleet of servers, desktops, laptops etc. From what I know from that and what I see I tend to only buy warranty on electronics that I spent a fair bit on and that I would be inconvienced if they were to fail.

You have to look at it how important is the device to you, how long to you expect to be using, and of course how much would it cost to replace the unit completely.

In business when it comes to servers for example you have to figure out how critical the server functions are, how long of a life the server is expected to have as well as the cost impact to the company if that server was to go down. Its the last one that usually has the most impact to a client, especially when they compare the cost of it down for a hour to how much the enhanced warranty is. Of course things like a test/dev server would likely get a reduced warranty compared to an exchange server or a domain controller.

Just take the general idea there and apply it to your own purchasing habits. Extended warranty on a cell phone... what you are fucking stupid will you even want that phone in a year after the newest of the new comes out? A TV or washer dryer that you want to last for 5+ years, I think its a good idea.

Be smart about it, listen to the salesman, ignore his pitch but listen to the details, what does this warranty do for you.


The Perfect Way To Slice a Pizza 282

iamapizza writes "New Scientist reports on the quest of two math boffins for the perfect way to slice a pizza. It's an interesting and in-depth article; 'The problem that bothered them was this. Suppose the harried waiter cuts the pizza off-center, but with all the edge-to-edge cuts crossing at a single point, and with the same angle between adjacent cuts. The off-center cuts mean the slices will not all be the same size, so if two people take turns to take neighboring slices, will they get equal shares by the time they have gone right round the pizza — and if not, who will get more?' This is useful, of course, if you're familiar with the concept of 'sharing' a pizza."

Comment Hmmm, so what happens when internals break? (Score 1) 135

With all those layers it doesnt seem that sliding one of these out and quickly swapping some RAM or any other part is
going to happen.

As well do these Iceotope guys actually make server hardware or just the cooling specs. Who do they get there guts from or are they just advertising and hoping the guys like HP, IBM or SUN (well maybe not SUN) decide to design there next generation of servers with this in mind?

I'd like to see how easy it is for replacement. doesnt look like there is a lot of room for other bits as well. I only saw a 1U model but do these guys have the same gear for larger more beefy servers? How about blades?

lastly how much does one of these things weigh?

Comment Re:A Tepid Defense (Score 1) 82

For a different take on Astroboy you should check out Pluto, by Naoki Urasawa (Monster, 20th Century Boys)

Its a retelling of the "Greatest Robot on Earth" except its more focused on the Detective Robot and his tracking of a series human murders and the deaths of the most advanced robots in the world.

Excellent story and not so black and white.

Comment Re:Stop isolating games for their interactivity... (Score 2, Informative) 518

From the link

"Steven Pinker charts the decline of violence from Biblical times to the present, and argues that, though it may seem illogical and even obscene, given Iraq and Darfur, we are living in the most peaceful time in our species' existence."

So this is proving that we are more violent how? (yea I know I should watch it but I am going out for a drink)

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