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Comment Re:Fitting (Score 1) 72

The pre-internet generations still don't fully grasp what they've lived through, and the post-internet generations will never know the window in human history they missed. I'm just glad they're recognizing some of the unsung heroes while those of us who've lived through it are still alive.

So don't expect much going forward. :)

Comment Does it matter? (Score 1) 601

I don't. I am a huge privacy advocate, but I don't bother with encryption because I figure: A) the only people looking are the US government (where I live) and that's about the only entity who would be interested, and B) their spyware is probably 10x better than any encryption that's publicly available.
I'd love to know if there's something guaranteed for anonymity, but otherwise it's just not worth it. The bad guys already won, and I don't care if they know that I hate them. That about sums it up.

Comment Re:Analog For Everything? (Score 1) 637

I'm wondering if he'd take 20 hours of 'awesome' over 10? This is more of a side effect of non-compelling gameplay, not the length of the game itself. I've played a number of 50+ hour games that had me on the edge of my seat. They're rare, but it shows you can do it, if you do it correctly.

Ultimately a 10 hour game shouldn't be a bad thing if you've got enough gameplay and 'fun' in to squeeze 20+ hours out of it ('Symphony of the Night' is my best example).

At the same time, I've *not* finished a number of games, but still had a fun time playing them while I did. Developers and Publishers shouldn't be concerned if a player doesn't finish their game. They should be concerned whether or not they had fun while they played, and if they quite because of boredom (poor design) before the end.

Comment Win7 vs... (Score 1) 222

When Win7 came out, to much praise, I sat down at home and did some thorough tests. I am a developer who uses some resource-intensive applications for 3D visualization, physics simulations and graphic design. Currently my OS of choice is XP 64-bit.

When I compared the two however, while Win 7 stood out as being superficially faster through caching everything and *appearing* to boot your OS and your applications in a split second, prolonged use of these applications under this OS just ground to a snails pace over the course of a single weekend of use on a 16GB machine.
While WinXP64 didn't boot as fast or launch applications as quickly, it never crashed (Win7 crashed multiple times), performance within the applications I use was exponentially better when loading and managing large files, and the overall experience was much more robust.

Ultimately what it seemed to me was that Win7 was geared toward selling you a copy of itself in the store. 5 minutes of use will show you what appears to be an extremely fast OS that launches whole applications like they were text files. In reality it's Vista with an extremely efficient booting process and nothing more.

MS continues to push the bar though! XP used to be the worst OS you could make your machine suffer to run, but if history repeats I'm sure they'll release something so far worse in the future, after XP is deprecated and beyond maintaining, that will make me fall absolutely in *love* with the features of Win7.

Comment Re:Parallel invention? (Score 1) 70

I love stuff like this. I think every creative person, at one time or another in their life, has "created" something that, hours, days, or years later they find to be an existing term, name or trademark.

I feel for you brother! Teaches you to keep your truly unique creations close to your chest...

Comment Libraries: The lost world (Score 1) 369

My girlfriend majored in Library Science. Until I started dating here I had completely forgotten that libraries even existed. They are such an invaluable resource for modern society, but the administration of them and their publicly funded nature leave them easily overlooked. We check out books, audiobooks and DVDs from our local library constantly. I wish more people would use them, since we're already paying for them anyhow.

As an aside, I certainly wish more carried games, and it makes me weep to know they've basically missed out on 30+ years of a historical medium, but I think the industry and publishers are more to blame for that.

Comment CPU? (Score 1) 288

"...also take part in the CPU design of the console"

Wait... Why did Sony spend all that time, money and research on making their assumed super-scaling, awesomely powerful cell processor, if they're thinking of recreating a new CPU for their next console? Am I missing something there?

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