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Go Go Gadget Minisaw 486

weighn writes "The SMH has this story about an eccentric Frenchman who carries about 1300 useful items attached to his body by various means. A digital camera is mentioned, so I guess there may be some form of computing device nearby. Anyone else a bulging pocketed geek-scout?"
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Go Go Gadget Minisaw

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  • Re:No Picture!?!?! (Score:2, Informative)

    by gr0ngb0t ( 410427 ) on Tuesday November 12, 2002 @11:57PM (#4656657)
    its the smh - they only put pictures in if it sports stars, kylie minogue or skimpyly (sp) clad models...
  • Re:Be Ready (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @12:21AM (#4656805)
    The motto is Be Prepared [] not Be Ready
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @12:32AM (#4656861)
    The ABC is the Australian equivalent of the BBC and is part of the government not a company. Therefore no.
  • Re:Dilbert... (Score:3, Informative)

    by mhesseltine ( 541806 ) on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @12:34AM (#4656874) Homepage Journal

    OK, the first of the comics setting up the meeting with Techno-Bill was 12/28/1992. The series runs through 12/31/1992 when Bill beats Dilbert. It's page 49 in "Dilbert Gives You the Business."

  • by cranos ( 592602 ) on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @12:36AM (#4656889) Homepage Journal
    Just a little Info

    the ABC is the Government funded but independantly run media organisation while the SMH is part of a fully privatised newspaper group called The Fairfax group []

    So they are completely different organisations
  • argh no no no (Score:5, Informative)

    by nomadic ( 141991 ) <.moc.liamg. .ta. .dlrowcidamon.> on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @01:42AM (#4657162) Homepage
    Well, the thing is France crumbled almost immediately. And they shouldn't have.

    Well, maybe you didn't notice, but the Nazis were the most powerfull force in history at the time (they didn't start conquering the world on a double dare you know).

    That's what the high school textbooks say. Unfortunately, like many things in the high school textbooks it's not quite accurate. France had a very large army, well-fortified, and after the invasion of Poland Britain also stationed troops in France.

    Textbooks (well high school ones) also make a big deal about the German panzer divisions, but sometimes forget to mention that the French tanks were superior. The Germans just knew how to use them better.

    So we have two well-equipped, sizeable forces in France, expecting an attack.

    So what happens? The Germans flank the French, ignore the Maginot line, smash both the French and the British armies, and have reached the English channel in 8 days.

    Yes, the constant insults about French courage are unfair, but they didn't exactly cover themselves with glory in 1940. Ditto for the British. It also doesn't help that the French have absolutely no sense of humor about themselves. Neither do the Germans, but the Germans at least have the excuse that they don't have a sense of humor about anything.
  • by Master Mage ( 231315 ) on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @01:56AM (#4657217)
    As an active student who's far to busy, I found that I tend to need an odd range of things constantly. After killing several blazers and doing a weekend shuffle to get everything out of my school uniform into normal clothing, I gave in and got a 3/4 length fishing vest.

    The thing is surprisingly comfortable, and it holds everything I need. If you were to catch me during the day, on hand I'll have:

    Handspring Visor
    Stowaway Keyboard for above
    Half dozen other assorted copy cards, ect.
    Pens, pencils, fountain pen...
    Multi-tool (Leatherman Wave)
    Electrical Tape
    A spare roll of film or two
    Link cable for TI-83+
    Assorted blank paper, old paper and forms
    Spare AA batteries

    One really nice thing about the 3/4 length is that it doesn't hinder movement or sitting like the full length vests do, and hides nicely under a blazer or fleece vest for less obtrusive ware.

    I would happily recommend the Simms Mesh Vest [] to anyone who wanted to keep stuff on hand. It's lasted me two years of consistant (12/7) usege with minimal wear and no problems. You should be able to find it at a local outdoors or fishing shop.

  • by Tsuzuki ( 442471 ) < minus poet> on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @02:03AM (#4657240) Homepage
    The ABC is a government owned and publicly funded company, and SMH is owned by Fairfax. Considering that they're often at each other's throats over journalistic methods and political leanings, it's fairly safe to say that they're not affiliated in any way. :)

    The SMH article credits the AFP, which I can only assume stands for Associated French Press... so both papers have just gotten their story from the same news agency, explaining the common quotes. Happens all the time!
  • The BEF (Score:2, Informative)

    by Afty0r ( 263037 ) on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @05:44AM (#4657787) Homepage
    The British Expeditionary force, stationed in France and fighting both there and in Belgium was not a "great fighting force".

    They had little armour (only 100 infantry tanks - and 200 "light" tanks which were far inferior to the German tanks) or anti tank capabilities, the support of only a portion of the British Royal Air Force, and were comprised of only around 240,000 fighting men.
  • Re:No Picture!?!?! (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @05:44AM (#4657788)
    I found some pictures on his site: /M on_equipement/Mon_equipement.htm
  • Re:Dilbert... (Score:3, Informative)

    by frozenray ( 308282 ) on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @06:59AM (#4657911)
    > Can someone find that cartoon?

    Here. []

  • Re:No Picture!?!?! (Score:2, Informative)

    by spackle ( 157713 ) on Wednesday November 13, 2002 @04:13PM (#4662543) Homepage
    Darn, looks liek that site is already down. In fact I can't seem to resolve anything for or up.

    (and so much for keeping his name quiet..)

    Oh hold on.. while looking for some other images of him his site came back up, but I'm gettign stuff at /M on_equipement/Mon_equipement.htm

    (slightly different link)

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