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Submission + - Crowd Sourcing The Disaster (angrybeanie.com)

cranos writes: "The latest episode of Purser Explores The World has a look at efforts to utilise the crowd to respond to major disasters. Includes a look at the Safecast project in Japan and the Serval ad hoc cell network project in Australia"
Open Source

Submission + - linux.conf.au 2011, shaping up to be stunning! (linux.org.au)

Dante_J writes: In the proud tradition of being one of the best "grass roots" FOSS conferences on the planet and just weeks away, linux.conf.au 2011 in Brisbane Australia, is shaping up nicely. Keynote speakers include Vint Cerf, Eric Allman, Mark Pesce & Geoff Huston. Many impressive Miniconfs, Presentations, Tutorials and an Open Day are included. Everything from FOSS rockets to kernel hacking, haecksen to Meego. This is one of those rare occasions of the FOSS community gathering in one geographic location, expressing both breadth and depth. A week of geeky goodness. Regos are available now, but time is limited.

Comment Re:great app, lousy implementation (Score 1) 79

Fair points. Wave may indeed be successfully used in collaboration products like Pulse, and that would be good. But for me that would still be a very disappointing outcome and is what I had in mind when I wrote 'languishing in obscurity'. The great promise and potential, which sadly won't be fulfilled, was for collaboration and communication across broader communities beyond one company or group of friends.

There's nothing stopping someone from setting up a service similar to Google Wave using the open source implementation. Let us get version 1.0 out the door and we'll see what happens :)

Comment Re:great app, lousy implementation (Score 2, Informative) 79

Well there are certainly a number of smaller and bigger organisations still looking into Wave. Novell is using Wave based tech for Pulse (no federation as yet but you never know) and at the summit we had a number of people keen to ensure that wave survives so they can build on it and make money.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Ian Murdock Talks About Project Indiana (localfoss.org)

cranos writes: "When I saw the announcement of Project Indiana, I thought "well lets have a look and see whats what." The result is an interview with Ian Murdock, where we cover everything from culture clash to the best development model."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Open Solaris Round Table

cranos writes: "For this fortnights Open Source On The Air, I've gathered three people for an Open Solaris Round Table. With the upcoming OpenSolaris Governance Board elections I thought now would be a good time to talk to two of the nominees and a community member to see where the project is at, and the future plans each has.

The episode can be found here: http://localfoss.org/OSOTA/Episode_17"

Submission + - Open Graphics Round Table

cranos writes: "In this fortnights episode of Open Source On The Air, I sit down with three Graphic Artists who have based their entire work flow on Free and Open Source Software.

We talk about the state of the current FOSS graphics toolset, how this has affected things like barriers to entry, as well as discussing the growing interaction between the audience and the graphic artists.

You can find the full show here: http://localfoss.org/OSOTA/Episode_16"

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