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The 2000 Beanies

Category: Why The Hell Not? (Part I) 60

So for kicks we've decided to create a few categories just for fun. The prizes are less serious: A Beanie and a hug from our own CowboyNeal. We've got several categories that you can Nominate in. This first batch is related to Slashdot:
  • Favorite Slashdot Comment Poster
  • Favorite Slashdot Author
  • Favorite Slashdot Story of 1999
  • The Hemos Award (Only Hemos is Eligible)
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Category:Why The Hell Not?

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    1. Guy Harris
    2. Tom Christiansen
    3. Enoch Root
    4. Jay Maynard
  • That can only go to 1 person, CowboyNeal. I have two reasons: 1) He's posted so few times he's not even on the Hall of Fame, 2) It'd be humorous to see him hug himself.
  • The best Dressed obviously has to go to TUX. ;)
    1. Tom Christiansen

    And yeah, I do Perl for a living.

  • I nominate nobody then. If nobody's nominated, nobody can win the hemos award! Buwhahahahahaaha!
  • weren't you and Root having a nice little discussion about how the each of you are Whoring the hell outta the Karma?

    No, actually we were discussing the futility of doing so.. after 300 or so points - honestly, who gives a sh*t? There's no incentive except bragging rights after 30, and now Rob doesn't even have the user pages showing karma anymore.. so even *that* is flaky at best.

    No, I threw a few posts out on slashdot over a 2-3 month period to test a theory - that comments will be moderated up if it meets slashdot's dogma, and down if it disagrees. ie: slashdot is a self-fufilling prophecy. The results met expectations - slashdot moderates on the "hidden" attribute of dogma instead of on actual insightfulness and whatnot. I think that's what you're referring to. Karma whoring has never been my business.. some people got jealous, even more so when they figured out I was outclassing their posts as part of an experiment. As if!

    Hope this clears some stuff up for 'ya..

  • "shis"?
  • Actually it's the FIRST ANNUAL Hemos Award...

  • Shouldn't that be The Hemos Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence?

  • Yosemite Sue, [] who, although she hasn't posted much in a while, had some really insightful stuff to say on some topics. She was able to look at the big picture when other people got caught up in technical details.

    And then there was the original MEEPT!! [] You know how many people wanted to be this guy? Take a look:
    meept []
    MEEPT!!!! []
    MEEPT!!!!! []
    MEEPT!!! []
    The Glorious Meept!! []
    The GloriousMeept!! []
    Glorious Meept!!! []
    MEEPT!!!!!! []
  • S/he seem to be a he, according to s/his bio. And he's still posting. See? []
  • Hear, hear! I nominated CmdrTaco for the
    Hemos award also.
    Fight the system! :)
  • How pathetic... Hemos is out digging for votes in the "Hemos Award" ;)


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • My fave's from last year would be the overclocking madness stories. In particular, the guy who documented how he submerged his motherboard in oil, then set up a system to cycle the oil around the motherboard to keep everything cool. Oh, and he did it all LIVE!
  • But "they" is plural and it's rather insulting to refer to a person as "it." Also, Latin isn't complex becuase of a wealth of pronouns, it's the number and gender specific way that words are conjugated.
  • It would be a hoot if we could nominate CmdrTaco for the Hemos award.
  • He hasn't posted much lately, but he old posts were always good. A lot better than some of the karma-hungry manifesto posters we see these days. Quick, sensible responses -- gotta love it.

  • I mean "HIS old posts". I wish they'd flip the submit and preview buttons.
  • I hereby nominate myself for the Hemos award.

    No doubt you think I'm ineligible, but consider this: Hemos is just a nickname that Jeff uses on here. From this day forth, I declare Hemos to be a nickname of mine, so I'm just as eligible as he is!

    A vote for me for the Hemos award is a vote for freedom of choice! :-)
  • The one that always sticks in my mind is the Harvard scientists putting electrodes in a cat's brain to decode its vision, The Cat Cam []! The other one that I remember is the parody of slashdot [] that included a reference to The Cat Cam.
  • This may sound redundant, but we have karma whoring again. If i remember correctly on your own thread, Signal, weren't you and Root having a nice little discussion about how the each of you are Whoring the hell outta the Karma?
    I would probably go for some of the people who actually go against a lot of the popular stream of things around here to nominate for the award, people that are actually thinking, rather than sounding like polititians. These people put their karma on the line (who really gives a damn about karma anyway though? is this a popularity contest?) to say something that's intelligent, meaningful, and shows another side of the story that isn't being presented on slashdot.

    Does that count as a rant? I don't really think so.
  • Rather than crucify you, I'll agree. You list some good reasons... another is that Jon's Hellmouth series brought a lot of visibility to slashdot as a whole.

    I mean, what better way to raise awareness that slashdot is for smart people talk about more than just technology than get coverage in major media for something other than coding details? Jon's series did this.

    [flame bait:] Plus, I'm new here and can't remember anything much further back than that. [/flame bait]

    Go Jon!

  • frankly i'm glad only hemos can win.
    until i read the fine print i had
    horrific visions of rob dumping him
    off in a tight little leather number
    at one of our houses and speeding
    off in his bright red malda roadster
    singing "born free"


  • yayy at least someone loves me.

    oh wait i just threw away all the karma i don't
    have for not posting this comment anonymously.

    well shucks darn, there goes my shot at
    a free toaster.
  • Truly one of the best posters around - I concur.
  • Since when has Hemos had self-esteem?

    I must have missed something... ;-)

    - Robin

  • (I think that's how he/she capitalized his/her name.)

    This goes back a bit in Slashdot history, but I always got a kick out of this person, the great wielder of the Clue Stick(TM). I doubt he/she even reads Slashdot anymore, but I think he/she deserves the award more than those stupid MEEPT/gritsboy/Portman trolls.

    (I also think that English needs a neuter, singular pronoun.)

  • Well, I guess we can all predict the winner of the Hemos Award []...
  • se63

    "2 hundred and foty dollars, worth of puddin. awwww yeahh"

  • English needs a gender-neutral third-person singular pronoun. Neuter is a different thing altogether, and we have one of those already -- "it". But, luckily, we also already have a gender-neutral singular pronoun: "they".

    A lot of people seem opposed to this (apparently they don't like that it's also the plural pronoun, but consider that many other languages "reuse" pronouns freely) but it has a strong historical precedent both in commom and in formal speech. Shakespeare used it. So can you.


  • US and UK unilaterally attack Iraq has to be the very best slashdot story! It highlighed both the good and bad sides of slashdot in one broad stroke.
  • I nominate Enoch Root, the most consistently well-spoken poster on slashdot. He also is fully flame-retardant - something I've had difficulty with. I have his homepage bookmarked here.

    igPoster award goes to MEEPT! for obvious reasons. =)

  • Minor problem: the story [] is ineligible for this award, since it was posted in 1998.

    But I agree, it is Slashdot writ small. OTOH, the article quality demonstrated there was really low, relative to "typical" ./ standards. Usually, there's only one blatant factual error in the story ;-). (Shame, too, since I did agree with sengan's central thesis.)
  • The funniest thing I've ever seen on /. was a post atached to the poll How Often Do You Degauss Your Monitor? [] Unfortunately poll comments are not saved, and the sublime humor of an unknown poster complaining about how Carl Friedrich Gauss kept getting into his monitor ("Get out of my monitor, Carl Friedrich Gauss!") has been lost for all time. So, I nominate the Unknown Poster of this hilarious but tracically lost post.
  • CJE is the best comic on /.
    This boy is brilliant. All his fake news comments are composed and posted within a few minutes of his reading the article. Nobody else could produce that many long, well written spoofs with that kind of time frame. It takes genius.
  • I would nominate CmdrTaco for the Hemos award. Who cares if he's elegible or not? :)
  • Sorry, he might be a good coder, but his comments are always inflametory.

  • as the best poster.

    His comments are always sensible, always well thought through and never flamebait.

    User Info here []

  • The correct nominee for the "Favorite Slashdot Comment Poster" should be quite obvious to everyone. It is the ever-present Anonymous Coward. However, the irony is that AC would also be the winner of the least favorite slashdot comment poster.
  • I nominate "Anonymous Coward" This guy may be rude, but how in the world does he manage to post the sheer number of responses to every article on slashdot???

  • I think the "Hellmouth" series was Best Story (to date).

    Go ahead and pile on, but it can be argued that Jon Katz, for all the crap he writes, and all the crap this community gives him in return, actually helped the geek community on a lot of levels:
    • He helped a lot of junior geeks tell their stories from high school hell, and all of the sometimes extreme consequences thereof.
    • He brought attention from this community to what was and still is happening to young people who don't conform,
    • He provided a visible counterpoint to all of the baseless Columbine babble brought to you by CNN, and the like, and
    • He got geek-friendly parents, teachers, and community members to act on and change this unfortunate situation.
    Okay, crucify me.
  • ...for best comment poster. He is insightful, even insightful enough to make valid criticisms of Slashdot's moderation system and prove them in his own experiments. Like his methods or not, he is consistently interesting, insightful, funny, and a person I wouldn't mind meeting in person.

    Oh, and I used a quote by him to start off the paper I've written about Slashdot. I will finish editing it soon; if you'd like a copy, email me.

  • by Foogle ( 35117 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2000 @07:43AM (#1411995) Homepage
    I nominate the AC who occasionally follows my posts around for an entire day, calling me names. Words can't begin to express how I feel about this guy. If I may quote him:

    "Hi Foogle, you gay stinking bitch !!!"

    "shut the fuck up Foogle. I'm not done with your pussy ass yet, bitch !"

    "you're a fucking retard."

    Such beauty. Such elegance. Such delicate prose... Truly humbling :)


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

No extensible language will be universal. -- T. Cheatham