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Russia has the right idea

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  • And the Amish shall inherit the North American Earth.
  • The cracking down on unlicensed growing and selling of berries is bad enough. (It's bad enough that we need a license from government to engage in even the simplest of commerce or trade with one another.) But the worst was in the last two paragraphs. I can now see SWAT teams growing into all police work, no matter how routine or non-violent the cases.

    I mean, couldn't every police operation benefit from being approached as a military one? We use shock-and-awe/overwhelming force on terrorists and our othe

    • I'm convinced all federal permits should only be available to State Governments and not regulate anybody else. And all State permits should only be available to cities and counties and not regulate anything below that level.

      What your city or county chooses to do by elected representative ordinance passed under fear of assassination, should be paramount.

      • But then how, just as one example, could the environment be protected, if not everything was controlled at the federal level? (And, more broadly, how can the earth be saved if we don't have a world government instead of a bunch of nation states?) The feds might hand a permit for grazing on federal land to a state, and a state could pass it down to a county, and a county to a city, but maybe the folks running that city don't care about the environment and allow it to be overgrazed. Delegating down through a

        • It does mean a loss of control, but it also means fine tuning responses to environmental problems at a local level. Might take a few wars to sort it all out (the people downstream might need to talk to their neighbors upstream on both air and water) but there's no need for such discussions to exceed the drainage basin level in size. The concept of identifying the Least Competent Authority- and delegating the decision making TO the Least Competent Authority) is complex, but not without precedent- this is

          • Least Competent Authority

            Why would anyone want a thing to be handled by the government level that possesses the smallest amount of talent to do so?

            • Not smallest amount of talent necessarily (Remember the Peter Principle!) but rather the lowest level- the guy closest to the problem.

              The reason you want the "least" competent in the hierarchy is because, by definition, greater authorities are further removed from the problem, and thus, will have less knowledge about the local issue. You want a competent leader, but also a low one close to the issue and the problem.

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