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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Cthulhu's An Equal Opportunity Devourer 10

4 Reasons Why Obamacare Exchange Premiums May 'Double In Some Parts Of The Country' In 2015

Those with forked tongues might try to claim that ObamaCare is some kind of bailout for the insurance industry. Heck, insurance company weenies, themselves, may have believed it. But, like everything about Obama, it's just all a con. That is, a confidence trick, not anything a reasonable person would consider conservative. It's Obama's cock-up, and everyone's arse.
Now, after botching private insurance companies out of existence, we can expect we'll be told that we have some social imperative for "borrowing it forward" and implementing a Single Prey-er system.
Here is wisdom: people do not scale. If bogus health care programs cannot be made to work at the state level, then they surely shan't work nationally. And just because we've enjoyed being the world reserve currency these decades, and have been able to "borrow it forward" to make Socialism appear to work, isn't any sort of guarantee, if the territorial integrity of the Ukraine is any indicator.
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Cthulhu's An Equal Opportunity Devourer

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  • Medicare for all does not have to "borrow" anything. And insurance companies won't be "botched" out of existence. They will flourish and grow bigger and stronger under this bill. You've been indoctrinated into preaching austerity by the very same con in your link. Private insurance can be free to compete in the market, instead of bastardizing it through bought and paid for legislation.

    ...people do not scale.

    Pure propaganda! People can scale just fine. But there are some who are against it. They want to mai

    • People can scale just fine.

      Sure, but we're going to shave your head, put you in a uniform, and immerse you in an authoritarian system to do it.
      Similarly, you can put wings on a bus, and if you move it quick enough, you get you some lift.
      Doesn't mean a bus would make a proper aircraft, though.
      No, my point stands: ObamaCare is a bureaucratic Tower of Babel, and the Bismarckian welfare state is played out.

      • Sure, but we're going to shave your head, put you in a uniform, and immerse you in an authoritarian system to do it.

        Wrong, *live and let live* will do it. Replace coercion with cooperation. But first we have to evolve out of the biological urge to dominate and into rational human beings.

        The state exists to serve the commercial interests that created it. It is part and parcel to all your capitalistic needs.

        • Thanks for making my point. Refusing to amalgamate people is another means of avoiding the scalability problem.

          evolve out of the biological urge to dominate and into rational human beings

          I contend that people are body & mind, and occasionally soul. This notion of evolving beyond nature might happen through some cyborg means or other, I guess. But I really don't have your level of faith.

  • This. []


    "are we going to get beat up because [next year’s premium increases will be] double-digit or are we just going to have to pull out of the program?”

    The plan of course is the latter. If one of your pals is still trying to trick people into believing that the Left's path to put America onto single payer medicine is really a Republican plot to transfer wealth to insurance companies, the temporary and decreasing subsidy to these rich corporations is obviously merely about getting an economi

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