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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Almost there... 8

My copy of Nobots came in the mail today and it looks good. I'd think it was done by a professional if I hadn't written it myself.

The only thing left is a matter of the ISBN. I bought ten of them, and there's nowhere to tell Lulu what the ISBN is. As soon as that matter is cleared up it will be ready to release, I hope in a week or so. I suspect they want to sell me an ISBN, if so I'll have to go with a different printer and it will be a while longer before I loose it.

I would have liked a heavier paper stock, because its 161 pages (42042 words) is only half an inch thick, but what the hell. I'm pricing it at $24.95 for the hardcover. I don't expect to make any best seller lists and in fact will be happy if I make my $350 investment back; I'll have to sell 35 copies for that to happen.

I don't know how long it will be before I release a paperback; I'll have to reformat it for the smaller paper size and will probably have someone else print that. Lulu wants a ridiculous $9 before profit for a paperback, but no sooner than I'd bought ISBNs than I got a snail spam from a printer in St. Louis who wants $3.50 per book in lots of fifty. I guess I should haunt a new book bookstore to see what paperbacks are retailing for these days as it's been a long long time since I've bought a paperback; most of my paperbacks are falling apart (well, they are older than most slashdotters) while my hardcovers are still in great shape. The last couple dozen books I've bought have all been hardcover.

When it is done (in a week, fingers, toes, and eyes crossed) I'll make a journal entry, and the next day will submit it as a /. front page story. After all, it is a slashdot book. I'll be asking you guys to vote it up in the firehose when I do. PLEASE!!!

I'll also start putting the finished version both at my new web site and my slashdot journal, a chapter per week. Most chapters are twice as long and ten times as polished as the draft version I've already posted, but the first chapter has very few, very minor changes. I hope one of you guys will buy a copy and write up a review and submit it to slashdot.

I guess tonight I'll have to go into my domain host's setup page and set up email forwarding to forward mail to my rocketmail address.

I'm excited. I think I'll take it with me to Felbers (leaving as soon as I finish this joint). Patty might be home this weekend, I think I'll give her that first copy that came today.

It's kind of cool having a book with my name on the cover, even though there is as yet only one copy in existence.

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Almost there...

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  • You been at this for many years.

    I'm waiting for the Paxil Diaries motion picture, myself... I see a brat-pack reunion, Robert Downer Jr. and Rob Lowe...

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Yeah, I have. The first Nobots chapter was 2009... the next one shouldn't take so long, since after February I'll have a lot more time to write. I haven't worked on the new one for a few weeks, too busy trying to get this one in print.

      I'll probably have Paxil Diaries in print in a few months.

  • Hope all goes well with whatever printer you use.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Thanks, so far the book itself looks good and I'll get the problems with Lulu ironed out.

  • You can count on a purchase from me!

    I think I'm going to send you what notes I have from proofreading the Paxil Diaries so far, because I've been stalled on it for a long time now.

    Also I got caught up on your new book, only criticism I have so far is that you're blazing through some action scenes in just a sentence or two.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      you're blazing through some action scenes in just a sentence or two.

      Entirely true. The plan is to write a quick novella and expand it, pretty much like with Nobots. What's at slashdot of Nobots is maybe 20,000 words, the finished book (not counting stuff like the table of contents or notes) is 42,042 words.

      I'll appreciate those notes, and thank you!

  • Having started and gotten a lot of work done on a book, I know it can be difficult. Its been years and I have not been able to finish it time, research and other hurdles. But it is so exciting to see that you have a copy of your book in your hands - how awesome does that feel? Maybe you can email us before you post it on /. so we can make sure to login and upvote your submission.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Yeah, I feel like a kid at Christmas. Disappointed that I discovered a typo in the acknowledgements, and that some of the fonts were times new roman rather than gentium book basic, the difference is hard to spot on the computer but sticks out like a sore thumb on paper. Glad I didn't let it go live like that.

      I plan on posting a journal before submitting to the front page, so you guys will get a heads up.

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