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"...But never, ever, will I return to the United States"

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  • No one will miss you, Niels Gerson Lohman. I am sorry for your inconvenience, though I find it interesting that you'll gladly go to Yemen, Malasia and Somalia where young women are mutilated by religious extremists, where gays are killed and where carrying certain books (Bible for example) could bring a death sentence.

    All that's just hunky-dory with you as long as the scenery is good, but because you were inconvenienced in the US, you will never visit here again.

    Your sense of entitlement is amazing. I do no

    • But this is not about what society "others" have. It is about the society that this one has become.

      • But this is not about what society "others" have. It is about the society that this one has become.

        Show me the essays he's written about what Yemen and Malaysia and Somalia have become. They didn't start life as places where women and gays are stoned to death.

        The author was drawing a moral equivalency between getting hassled and inconvenienced at the border and violent sexism and homophobia and beheadings and basically saying the former is the one where he draws the line but not the latter. No sale.

        • I think the moral equivalency to draw is that between the abundance of government/commercial interests in these countries and this guy wanting to pass though on his trip to the same places. Why should he be treated any different than the banker going on a junket to visit the biggest harems? If the government wants a bit of consistency, then it should prohibit any American company from going there also. Most of their business is weapons, contraband, and money laundering anyway. That is what is propping up th

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Fuax outrage or easily outraged by trivialities?

    • I call bullshit. I have plenty of visa stamps from Malaysia, Singapore, and China, and a Swedish resident permit (These United States are good enough for a passport but not good enough to actually live in any more, eh?). And I tend to carry a lot of personal electronics. Yet, while the TSA idiots tend to be, well, idiots, I've never been singled out for special attention.

      • I have Pakistan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Bosnia and more. I carry electronics and I'm hostile as hell to the American surveillance regime.

        The worst I've gotten is an apologetic patdown in US borders. I get more trouble in Eastern Europe and South Asia by far. I've had Bosnians want to know what I was doing in Belgrade for 4 months and Indians suspicious about my trips to Pakistan.

        I'm not even saying that this guy didn't get delayed and searched multiple times. But there's something about his account

  • It kept jumping up and down like there was some weird javascript malfunction or something.

    • Might be the mouse wheel acting funny. When they get old weird shit like that happens.

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        Perhaps, it's an old mouse, but I haven't seen that behavior on this computer before. I see similar effects at work quite often, brand new computer and mouse, W7 and IE7 there (God but IE7 sucks but it's better than 6).

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