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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Rodeo Clown Economics 28

Saving General Motors from bankruptcy was among President Obamaâ(TM)s most frequently cited achievements when he ran for re-election last year. Democrats everywhere touted the companyâ(TM)s revival as proof of the 2009 bailoutâ(TM)s wisdom. That was then. Now, Obama has quietly released the auto manufacturer from a bailout requirement that it increase its production in the U.S. Instead, GM is spending billions of dollars building up its production capacity in ... China.
This is happening despite the fact that the Treasury Department has to date recovered just $36 billion of its original $51 billion loan to GM. By most analystsâ(TM) predictions, American taxpayers will be out approximately $10 billion when the remaining stock is sold off. Which is a long way of saying that it now appears that taxpayers paid $10 billion to make it easier for GM to accelerate its foreign outsourcing and send more manufacturing jobs to China.

Sweet, sweet Detroit end state.
But I'm confident that our idiot electorate will look at a sane candidate in 2016, and vote for Benghazi Jezebel.

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Rodeo Clown Economics

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  • I agree with this guy [], but I think I'd differ with him as to the solution.

    • The correct solution is to do what Iceland did. Just zero out the damn books. It will only hurt those at the tippy-top of the chain, a tiny, and worthless segment of the population, mostly, if not entirely made up of sociopaths and criminals. They won't be missed. The rest of us can continue on as if nothing happened at all.

      • That's Part A of my solution as well. Part B is to break the federal monopoly on printing currency- allow any governmental agency at any level to print local currency, and entirely replace taxes with inflation (of the form, local government prints money, local government pays for what they need). Part C is expiring currency to discourage savings and eliminate the inflation.

      • It is simple, at that point; but oh, the trail of human wreckage leading up to it. . .
        • Yes, the protectors of privilege will make things difficult. And don't be fooled by your favorite idiots like Alan West, Ted Cruz, etc. who see the rest of us as useless eaters. We can pin most of today's problems on people who think like them. They're nothing but Wall Street slaves also, like Reagan was. We just have to steamroll over them. That kind of wreckage I welcome. The crows will clean up the mess the same way they pick up any other roadkill.

          • Alan West, Ted Cruz, etc. who see the rest of us as useless eaters.

            Absolutely false. In particular, I've had dinner with Allen West and his wife. You've got to be careful with the random spitballing; it no worky-worky here.

            • I'm sure if you had dinner with Henry Kissinger or Pablo Escobar, you would find them equally as pleasant.

              • West retired out of the military one rank above mine.
                While I'm not claiming to be the greatest judge of character EVAR, I can tell the genuine article in a veteran with accuracy.
                Summarizing: get stuffed. You're smearing a good man.
                • Articles 128 and 134..

                  Only took $5000 out of his reputation, so I guess it didn't hurt his karma that much.

                  • The man seems highly unrepentant on those points. But you miss the broader point that our military is being reshaped. Mostly, I expect, to reflect the realities that not everyone can be a flag officer. But also for loyalty, as the firing of McChrystal for loose wording shows.
                    • The man seems highly unrepentant on those points.

                      Of course. A sociopath usually is. A 'good man' would resign his commission before going around invading other countries on his owner's say so. Polite table manners do not a 'good man' make. You seem to be impressed with his nice smile. As for 'loyalty', from a dog I expect loyalty. From a man I expect humanity, if he wants to be called human. I will believe the military is being reshaped when the troops are brought and sent home and when the careerism is put

                    • You're yearning for pre-National Security Act of 1947 America, you recidivist.
                      You can catch up with Allen West on Next Generation TV [] and see if you think your trolling has merit.
                      Hint: no.
                    • No, I yearn for Pre-Cambrian America.

                      His pontificating means nothing unless it speaks honestly of his actions. Sorry, not going to watch anything that requires signing up. And I'll bet you that all he can serve up is boilerplate Reaganisms.

                      Your defense is to be expected, brothers in arms, and all that, but he serves the empire. And he would do no better in political office than anybody else has. You cannot achieve that kind of power/wealth without seriously corrupting your soul. It just doesn't happen in to

                    • No, I yearn for Pre-Cambrian America.

                      You can put your actions where your rhetoric is by, say, joining an Amish community, or, if you're really on fire, head to Papua New Guinea.
                      But you won't, and neither will I.

                      Pick a guy who doesn't want the job.

                      The guys who don't want the job, and could win, are the Gateses and Buffets who already own the Oval Office; why condescend to read the teleprompter when you can just own it?
                      But if you actually want anything different, (and I crack up at you, Jeremiah Cornelius, damn_registrars, and Pope Ratzo, who're looking mighty statist these days

                    • Well, it is pretty clear to the rest of the world that your tea party friends want a return to pre-civil war America with its abundant aristocracy of "southern gentlemen" and their property rights, and a "proper" demographic that ensures that the right people maintain their majority status. You definitely hang out with a weird crowd of what really are a bunch of carpetbaggers who want your (and ours) money.

                      I wonder if your opinion of Obama would change if you ever sat down to dinner with him... You can be s

                    • Actually, it's not. Your claim is pure troll.
                      But you knew that. Come on down to CPAC next year, and I'll buy you a coffee, and you can disabuse yourself of much falsehood.
                    • You are completely brainwashed by bigots, haters, and hypocrites, whose agenda is control, not liberation. They only want to limit government to do their bidding. They are the new KKK, not the new "jooz", as you like to put it. They are the persecutors pretending to be the persecuted, claiming they are under attack, when they are the attackers. They sell war, not prosperity. We remain hopeful that the changing demographic will bring about their demise. Unfortunately the replacement will be the same damn thi

                    • You're smearing a lot of relatively good people who speak the truth, and whom I've met personally, e.g. Tim Scott and Matt Kibbe.
                      You're really good at smearing people that fight for liberty, and I've followed rather closely for half a decade.
                      I should think that, if your slanders had shred #1 of merit, I should have seen SOME evidence in that time of their perfidy. But no; you're just involved in random crapflooding & well-poisoning, AFAICT.
                      Which is not to go canonizing anyone. We're talking about hum
                    • The evidence is more than obvious to any disinterested party.You choose to ignore the signs that reveal themselves in their actions. You are blinded by bias, cultural and otherwise. I don't care who you've met. You are mistaking charisma for "goodness".

                    • I'm not accusing anyone of being perfect. My contention is that, if we agree that the current course is unsustainable (as it is for pretty much all sub-plutocrats) then the Tea Party course, while by no means perfect, represents THE alternative that has the greatest chance of leading us off this debt plantation.
                      Understood, in advance, that you are ideologically incapable of doing anything other than tear down. Got it.
                    • The tea party is funded by multi-billionaires. That is who they represent. They are a regular political party that is no more "reform-minded" than any of the worst democrat/republicans you can dredge up. Total hucksters who want you to pay to see the bearded lady. You will not achieve reform through people who want power/wealth. On the contrary, they want to fortify the privileges of their financiers. It is you who is incapable of thinking out of your cultural box, and essentially want the same thing. I hav

                    • The tea party is funded by multi-billionaires. That is who they represent.

                      Like the one who owns Hillary [], or is there some difference to which you an point?

                    • My point, which continues to flow so freely over your pretty little head, is that there is NO difference amongst Hillary, Obama, Romney, McCain, Cruz, West, Rove, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Reagan, Roosevelt, Wilson, Caesar, etc etc etc etc... All are evangelizing that they are the lesser evil while being fed fed by the same wealth/power, and are thus inevitably beholden to it. People who spend their money expect results. Do you honestly believe that this dirty business and those that partake in it will be revea

                    • I've consistently argued that there is but one Ruling Class.

                      You are not supposed to give authority to people that want it.

                      Fair enough. But given that this has occurred, and we're sinking into ruin as a result, the clear thing to do is support reformers.
                      The 1787 Constitution, as amended after the Civil War, seems to be about the least-worst way to go. Or did, until Wilson came along and planted the seeds of collapse into this Ruling Class. Thus, the clear going-in position would seem to be to unwind what Wilson did (Amends 16 & 17 + the Federal Reserve Act), and m

  • Half the world was expecting this, and when Obamalamadingdong said that the US needed to bail out the car industry because the car was a US invention, only politeness kept the rest of the world from laughing their pants off.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"