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Journal linzeal's Journal: What ritualizes modern romance, pop culture? 2

{Girl talking about her kid (Obs: baby fat still on face | stink of sobriety | economic questioning) hostile toward non-pop references. Stares at manicured nails as she contemplates Bizet's Carmen I am forcing on her, as she forced Aesop Rock yesterday.

Pah, human society's struggle for individuality has become foolish to take part in. I am lost among trailer park queens in the redwoods here; pretending future histories together camping with obnoxious children, send help.

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What ritualizes modern romance, pop culture?

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  • I'm stuck in hickville, but it's not so bad. I've had realtionships end before they started because one of the "getting to know you" questions was, "What type of music do you listen to: Garth Brooks or Travis Tritt?" How do you respond? Do you tell her you don't listen to country and watch her have a heart attack? Do you say, "You do know there are other genres of music out there?" and then spend the next 30 minutes trying to figure out if the confused "Whuuut?" was in reference to other genres or the
    • Well being cogent is dead sexy to me, I am strongly considering moving to the east coast. This west coast superficialiaty is tedious.

      Small towns are all right, but I would not want my children growing up with this. The rest of california can fuck off too. I remember a stat from some study of american book reading, New Yorkers were the highest and LA was one of the lowest but LA county rated themselves higher in intelligence. I'm listening to Liz Phair's Leaving California. Screw these hippies.

      Okay, t

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