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News Flash! Muslims LOVE Jesus!

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  • Why is your JE being tagged as spam while the real spammers are crap flooding the system?? Heavy politics are afoot on Slashdot.

    • Where do you see it tagged? I don't have that view. Is it in Firehose?

      • Right there in the subject line [] in big red capital letters where it normally says Journal: ...

        • I must have some different viewing settings....

          When I look at /. from another browser, not logged in, then I see it.

          Wow. Does that happen on other provocative JE's I post, with attention whore headlines? Not really.

          "If you want to know by whom you are in truth ruled, first identify those you are forbidden to criticise".

          Now... I wonder why all those Goyim are being floated as the new Fed Chair nominees? :-)

          • This is the first time I noticed it on any of yours. Apparently when enough users vote down something on the firehose it gets flagged like that. I'm not sure how big a group of them has to be to have sufficient effect on the scoring. Forum manipulators, eh... Also I am certain that Slashdot employees can abuse this system as they are known to do with their unlimited mod points.

            • I'm seeing the red fnord, too.
              On topic, having read about half the Qur'an, I'm keeping that on the shelf with the Book of Mormon.
              Because I really don't buy off on the soteriology of either group.
              • It's simple, really: All of the Abrahamic religions are false.

                • Yes, but they produce a sufficiently strong state to effectively dominate the entire planet, and has *us* shooting at each other.

                • Standing by for more than an assertion on this point.
                  • They're all predicated on accepting "truths" which are by definition unprovable.

                    They are also rooted in human sacrifice.

                    • They're all predicated on accepting "truths" which are by definition unprovable.

                      Mysticism, I believe is the word. These religions are mired in it. They are totally dependent on the ignorance of the populace for their power, and is why they hate science and the skepticism it produces. He tries to disparage it as 'postmodernism'. Demanding proof of something is apparently a bad thing. It is a threat to authority.

                    • To agree with you, I first have to accept your definition of the scope of the human experience.
                    • they hate science and the skepticism it produces

                      No, I do not. Improper tool usage is a farmer who took his seed to the sea, and cast it therein with a proud toss.

                    • Are you making a case against masturbation now? You know, sperm are like lawyers, there's less than one chance in a hundred million of one becoming a human.

                    • +1 for the lawyer gag.
                      The farmer metaphor is meant in the simple agricultural way presented.
                      People do some daffy things, amiright?
                    • People do some daffy things, amiright?

                      Most indubitably... They will toss half our food supply into the sea... to satisfy the commodities market and keep prices up. Ah, but we're not talking about those people, are we?

                    • Ahhh...

                      But that ONE. Worth everything in the universe.

                    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

                      ...why they hate science and the skepticism it produces.

                      Over half of all scientists attend church regularly. You're saying they hate their jobs?? Two thirds of the world's population are Muslim and Christian. You're saying that 2/3s of the world's population hates science??

                      I think you need a new slide rule, your math is faulty.

                    • Well, somebody is out there shoving 'intelligent design' down our kids throats and is against women's (and gay) rights. I don't think they are atheists, but they sure carry far too much influence. It is one thing to be devout, but the evangelicals are definitely dangerous.

                    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

                      It is one thing to be devout, but the evangelicals are definitely dangerous.

                      I certainly agree with that. IMO the evangelicals aren't being very good Christians. "Judge not, lest you be judged yourself."

                      Some of the churches seem to think that being gay will send you to hell and preach it from their pulpits. A lesbian friend once said to me that she wished she were straight so she wouldn't go to hell. I pointed out that her sins were no worse than mine or anyone else's and that as long as one repented, one wa

                    • I'd like to know when men get reproductive rights...

                      Maybe as soon as men can carry and deliver a baby. A man has no right to obligate the woman to do it for them. That choice must ultimately remain with the mother, not the church or the state, or anybody else. Men are free to get vasectomies if they want to avoid any hassles. Conversely, it really isn't that hard to find a willing partner when they want to spread their wild oats... Maybe I don't understand what rights you are talking about. It seems to me t

                    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

                      As to reproductive rights, a man doesn't have to carry a baby but he has to support it if it's born no matter what. If the woman gets pregnant she can carry it and support it or abort if she wishes. She has all birth control options, men have three: condoms (which require her consent), permanent surgery (and any surgery is dangerous), or abstinence. If he wants the child aborted and she doesn't, tough shit, he's paying for the kid anyway even if she's lied to him that she couldn't have kids. If she wants it

                    • Yes, well, these are the rules written by men. Sure it's horseshit, but I don't know what else to tell you..

                    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

                      Women hold 98 seats in the US Congress, also women vote and make up more than half of the population.

                • I like what Mr. Aslan has to say, in his Reddit Q&A:

                  "Religion is nothing but a signpost to God. If you believe there is something beyond the material, and if you want to commune with that 'thing' then it helps to have a set of symbols and metaphors to help you talk about it - both to yourself and to other people. That is ALL religion is supposed to be. A language of symbol and metaphors to help you make sense of something that is ineffable."

                  Mistaking the map for the territory, and building cultural dogm

                • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

                  Such faith you have!

            • Cyber-Sayanim []

            • First time I've ever seen that. Logged in, FWIW.

              Apparently there are quite a few "Christians" who cannot handle any sort of truth about any religion.

            • First time I see it anywhere too. Will see if I can untag it somewhere. This is idiocy.

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