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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Want Less Government? Champion Order in Religion! 9

Order is the first need of human beings, the only thing that makes life remotely tolerable. Mankind will give up just about anything to get it- freedom, money, family. Better a slave in Athens than a king in Africa!
What changed all that was religion. Religion is the anti-government. Only a moral people can be ruled with few laws; and now that we've abandoned morality to relativism, we need to increase the number of laws and number of prisoners to keep order.
So true libertarians need to be religious- for only with religion, can there be order without laws and punishment.

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Want Less Government? Champion Order in Religion!

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  • ... you really mean Christianity, which is the basis for the growth and success for Western culture and civilization. Other religions have had some good effects, but none has been so transformative as Christianity.
    • Bullshit.

      "Western culture" is the root of every major genocide after Genghis Khan - who's wife was a Christian, BTW.

      • What about the genocide of the Armenians in Turkey?

        • It was to "Westernize" Turkey. Don't pull that one.

          There were antecedent tensions and ethno / religious strife in the modern period. But it was with the emergence of the Young Turks, in 1908, and successive Ottoman defeats, through teh second Balkans war, that the elements for this genocide were assembled. There were, and have continued to be, as much murder and suppression of Kurds, as of Armenians, under the Young Turks and successive Turk regimes. Somehow, the narrative was never as interesting, Kurds

          • Yes, but the Young Turks were, and continue to be, Islamic and thus middle eastern, not western.

            Funny though- how suppression of the Kurds is celebrated in Turkey today, but suppression of the Armenians is a huge state secret.

            Because, after all, Istanbul is not Constantinople.....

      • every major genocide

        Pol Pot? Darfur? Genocides suck, but blaming any culture for fundamental human evil seems kind of agenda-driven. . .

    • Well, for Western culture and civilization, yes. Hinduism, Confucianism, and Buddhism have shown equal success in the East however.

      And one can't forget how State Shintoism held Japan together for 500 years.

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