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Journal A New Year, a New Mobile Experience 18

A message from Gaurav Kuchhal (Head of Product, Slashdot)

While it's been in beta for a bit, we are very proud to announce the new mobile interface for Slashdot (m.slashdot.org). The new Slashdot mobile experience is the first major set of innovations for Slashdot in years. Weâ(TM)ve built the mobile user experience with the future in mind, embracing a more personal, a more social and certainly a more mobile web.

We've built this new mobile interface optimized exclusively for your touch smartphones and tablets. This new mobile site gives existing readers a new way to engage with Slashdot, and attracts the new audience by allowing them to sign in using their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ social profiles.

  • Read comments and stories in a mobile-friendly view (no more squinting!)
  • Most popular stories shown right at the top
  • Access the latest (even unposted!) stories right from the Firehose
  • See rich user profiles of your friends and foes
  • Quickly sign in with your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook account
  • See beautiful achievement badges
  • Quickly participate in polls
  • Show off your latest Gravatar

What's under the hood?
The new Slashdot mobile site is built on top of open HTML5 web architecture and serves as a first step to improve the entire Slashdot site experience. We built this app using the latest technologies and frameworks such as Backbone, Zepto, Underscore, Hamstache, Jasmine, and Sass. Since there are so many mobile devices and capabilities, we targeted webkit browsers, and Android versions above 2.3. While the site should work in FF and Opera, we really recommend you use the latest version of Chrome. For more information about browser capability, see our FAQ.

A thanks to the community!
We didn't start sketching the blueprints based on what we thought a mobile experience should be - we asked YOU. From in-person interviews, user surveys, and all of your feedback we listened to your thoughts (and you had a lot!). From our initial alpha launch, to our tablet and smartphone betas, we want to thank all of you for patiently testing each version and giving great feedback. Slashdot IS Slashdot because of the community and we love every comment.

Point your mobile browser to m.slashdot.org and keep reading!

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A New Year, a New Mobile Experience

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Please stop with the constant, nagging, popup.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    IE7 returns a blank page. I'll log on when I'm home for lunch and see if it will work in FireFox. meanwhile, I wonder if this will work on a feature phone? I can load the regular /. on my Motorola but it's a PITA to navigate. Subject says you can log on with your G+, FB &Titter accounts, I wonder if you can log in WITHOUT them? I'm not on FB or titter (yes, that's a slur on twitter, mod me down, I'm AC, but I just think that's a worthless site). I'm on G+ but haven't logged in there for months. Slashdot

  • Hate to be so blunt but the verdict is: shit sucks.

  • by Maow ( 620678 ) on Wednesday February 06, 2013 @02:35PM (#42811237) Journal

    Weâ(TM)ve built the mobile user experience with the future in mind, embracing a more personal, a more social and certainly a more mobile web.

    The above shows what I'm seeing. Notice the mangled first word, which ought to have been "We've"?

    That's terrible and inexcusable.

  • The previous mobile site was much better.

    I want to have the same experience I have in Slashdot, where I can read stories just by scrolling, without having to click on each article and move to a new page for every item!

  • 'Beautiful' and 'rich' are Web 2.0 buzzwords which I would not expect to see used in a Slashdot announcement.

    For a second I don't believe you used a single piece of real user feedback to design and build the mobile site, otherwise it wouldn't be the slow, awful mess it is.

    There seem to be a few features missing which one would expect to be there from the beginning. Two examples: Press and hold link to open in a new tab. Deep linking so when you are re-directed to the mobile site you actually go to the arti

  • please help me, is there anything that would help me???

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