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Comment Dear Guarav (Score 1) 18

'Beautiful' and 'rich' are Web 2.0 buzzwords which I would not expect to see used in a Slashdot announcement.

For a second I don't believe you used a single piece of real user feedback to design and build the mobile site, otherwise it wouldn't be the slow, awful mess it is.

There seem to be a few features missing which one would expect to be there from the beginning. Two examples: Press and hold link to open in a new tab. Deep linking so when you are re-directed to the mobile site you actually go to the article you originally clicked on and not the home page.

Whenever a site recommends a particular browser to use for viewing, alarm bells should start ringing. If the site is compliant there should be no need to favour one browser over another.

You've designed the mobile site exclusively for touch devices, alienating a lot of people who still have normal mobile phones. And, you couldn't even get that right as there seem to be quite a few issues e.g scrolling gestures being interpreted as clicks.

Slashdot is supposed to be the stomping ground for the best tech heads on the web. However it looks like none of them actually work for Slashdot.

I wonder how many times Slashdot can piss off their userbase before they leave?

Comment Re:Live traffic data. (Score 1) 279

I've been told two things, neither of which may be true, but 1) seems the most likely:

1. TomTom Traffic and others have a 3G connection. They talk to the local mobile masts and Tom Tom can use the location data to estimate traffic volume.

2. TomTom buys mobile phone location data from mobile phone companies to estimate congestion based on the number of phones moving between base stations.

Comment Re:The word "Worst" is relative (Score 4, Informative) 535

The problem is that repeated viewing of these kinds of images can de-sensitise a person enough to affect their personality.

A friend of mine is a child psychiatrist and she told me that the uk serious crimes unit have specialist child porn officers who have to sift through thousands of images on a day-to-day basis. They are only allowed to do this for a maximum of (if IRC) six months before they are taken off the job and a lot are given therapy because they become so traumatised by it.

They do this because they found that after a while people can not only become de-sensitised to it but they can actually start to be aroused and find they like what they are viewing.

Comment Re:I Think I Speak For All North Americans... (Score 1) 212

I always thought a lot of C64 games, though colourful had really blocky looking graphics. The Spectrum seemed to have better detail, but with the drawback it was mostly in monochrome.

In the Spectrum's later years programmers came up with a few clever tricks to get the appearance of full colour graphics. If I recall, Uridium's title screen had a full colour title? JetSet Willy and Gilligans Gold are two games with a soundtrack - can't think of anymore though!

Comment Re:Omitted from summary (Score 1) 70

Thanks for replying. I agree this is something they should be panned for, especially as they are always taking other companies to task over the same mistake, but by owning up to it almost immediately and also reporting themselves to the ICO I feel they have at least done what they could under the circumstances and I think that should have been mentioned in the summary.

Ok, maybe their hand was forced to admit the mistake due to three and a half thousand potential whistle blowers, but at least they did it and owned up to the fact in record time. It will be interesting to see how they report future data leaks - perhaps a humble pie icon each time!

Comment Re:No sense at all (Score 3, Insightful) 400

Blackshaw created a Facebook event entitled 'Smash d[o]wn in Northwich Town' for August 8 but only the police showed up, and arrested him.

He deserved four years for his piss poor organisation.

On a serious note, I think that Blackshaw should perhaps have got two years max (he did create a page which tried to encourage rioting in his home town), but the other bloke perhaps six months for being a drunken dick(he took his page down as soon as he woke up sober.)

However as others have commented I'm sure the sentences will be reduced on appeal once the country has calmed down.

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