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Comment Re:Moral question of emulation (Score 1) 91

For the same reason it's not moral for me to take the Linux 0.9 source code and turn it in to a proprietary product even though it's long obsolete and most of the code was probably rewritten years ago in modern versions of the kernel. Just because I want to do something does not make it legal or moral.

Comment Re:Uhhh... no... (Score 1) 91

Stating a fact is flamebait? lolwut? Owning a game does not give you a license or right to download a second copy from the Internet. Just like I don't have the right to download the Beatle's White Album from The Pirate Bay simply because I own the LP.

Let me guess, the person who modded me down probably also thought adding that "if you're law enforcement you can't to my FTP/DCC server" text held any legal weight?

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