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Comment Re:Legislation Can't Fix Incompetence (Score 1) 658

So according to your logic if your family reports you to the FBI then they should just simply arrest you whether or not actionable cause exists? You want them to just violate somone's civil liberties until they find something to arrest him for? It's amazing to hear that someone is actually mad at the FBI for actual staying within their constitutional authority

Comment Re:Legislation Can't Fix Incompetence (Score 1) 658

While I mostly agree, your claim that no one paid attention is not true. The FBI checked him out multiple times but found nothing of cause to be able to investigate him further. They very much did pay attention, they just didn't have any evidence to do anything. So, as I said, unless you wanted them to more flagrantly ignore people's civil liberties, the FBI had their hands tied. For once, they weren't massively overreaching their authority.

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