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  • Dunno why. I got a burst - about a year ago.

    I think there's an algo that disqualifies based on number of "troll" mods you get on comments. I tend to get 2 trolls on same comment that is +3-5 on "insightful" or "interesting".

    I'd think that's the profile of an asset - who keeps the conversation amusing or lively, without merely descending into the lowest common denominator. But?

    No mods...

    • I don't even remember how long it's been for me - but one way or another I ended up in the same situation. Over night I went from constant mod points. I think it's when all my stuff got flagged as spam and my account got turned off. The slashdot staff restored my ability to log in but the spam stuff stayed on my submissions, journal entries, etc. and I've never modded since.

      • Man, that stinks! You, of all people getting tagged like that. Especially with crap flood of actual span on the journal search page (happening right now, as we speak), and the front page, and that this place is becoming an ad infested, teeny-bopper, LOLCat, site itself. Too bad nobody else keeps the comments set in stone the way they do here, or I'd jump overboard in a New York Second. Damn people owe you an apology big time.

    • I spent 10 years with no mod points, now I get them every other week.
      I NEVER use the downmods at all.

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