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Open Source

Journal tomhudson's Journal: Yet another open source failure 14

Trying to print an envelope address in openoffice under linux? What a waste of time.

Do the people who code this sh*t actually ever use it? Or do they never use anything else, so they simply don't know that it's possible to do better?

Easy prediction - open source will never be competitive. When it's so bad that I'm tempted to throw a copy of XP (or even Wn95) on the box because linux on the desktop is still 2 decades behind the times anyway, there's a fundamental problem that obviously will never be fixed.

I really hate them, but my next computer is going to be a mac.

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Yet another open source failure

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  • While it is in the machine I can cope. Printers in the process of collapsing the wave function of my ideas into a fixed form tend to get very mixed up. Even plain text. Yes I have had nightmares about the things. You know deadline, VIP's waiting. Printer dies or worse mysteriously corrupts. Unfortunately the nightmares come from experience not imagination.

    Once many years ago my direct supervisor sent me around the building looking for very specific version of telegraph paper (yes it was to go into a d

  • Took a lot of time, now I just load the template. Yes, in OpenOffice... and no, Word's way of handling labels and envelopes isn't intuitive or easy either.

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