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Best example of Moderation abuse yet... by an employee no less!

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  • Followed a link from one of the articles here.

    I read through some of your posts. Maybe it's abuse, maybe it's not; I can't tell just from that comment page. I do see how you might have ruffled someone's feathers enough to cause them to do this... you really aren't being very amiable. On the other hand, I can see how other moderators could also accomplish this without any coordination or premeditation, for the exact same reason staff might.

    At any rate, this keeps me tagged to this post, so if this journal g

  • A comment I posted where I mentioned PerlJedi in a JE discussion was just hit with a "flamebait" mod as well. I didn't get several dozen down mods in one batch, just the one. Not that I am any stranger to ruffling feathers, but if this is really PerlJedi behind this I wouldn't expect him to hold on to his new job for long.
  • "Slashdot deleted my journal about moderation abuse!"
    what date was the je posted?

  • You call people bean counters, imply they're either hostile or incompetent, claim they're wrecking the site, and make some hilarious observations about how /. is "chasing bling." Then you whine about getting modded? HAI GUSY, SOFWARE IS HARD.

    Go be a grumpy curmudgeon elsewhere.

"Laugh while you can, monkey-boy." -- Dr. Emilio Lizardo