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Journal roman_mir's Journal: Chinese Company Constructs 30 Story Building in 360 Hours 10

Chinese Sustainable Building Company, Broad Group, put together a 30 story hotel in 360 hours or 15 around the clock days of work out of structures pre-manufactured on a factory floor. The feat was accomplished in December of 2011. Using a factory floor to assemble floors and side panels allowed for very high precision in fabrication (+/- 0.2mm), better coordination of on-site construction, shorter construction time span, lower construction waste. The building includes various innovative features, such as air monitoring in every room and low energy consumption.

All of the wiring and laying of the pipes, insulation, even floor tiles is done on the factory floor as can be seen in the video. As one of the features, the building is designed to withstand magnitude-9 earthquakes.

This goes to prove a point, that innovation comes out of manufacturing and engineering needs, which means that research and development and basic sciences and need for more education is also pushed by the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

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Chinese Company Constructs 30 Story Building in 360 Hours

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  • Manufacture interchangeable parts, and assemble them as necessary.

    Except instead of using the same panels / fasteners for both the Billy bookshelf and whatever bork-bork they call the drawers you have a predefined set of components to build a building.

    Meaning this same company could probably whip up a small 5 story building using the same per-manufactured pieces. It's a pretty good idea, and one that American companies use - think manufactured houses. Not everyone wants a trailer for there homes, but a
    • I did mark it for the front page submission, but my submissions normally end up voted down, so no dice.

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