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Journal PerlJedi's Journal: Structural Changes 7

Update on ModPerl2, Apache2.2 port

Well I got through the problems with Apache2::Module::get_config. Aparently the object which comes as the first argument to the method for the custom config directive is not where the config parameters should be stored. Looking back at the documentation, I can see that it is clearly shown that $srv_config is being fetched via a call to get_config from within the custom directive subroutine, and that apparently is where the config should be stored... but it does seem kind of counter intuitive to me. But no use second guessing that now, at least I got it.

On a positive note: before I discovered my mistake with get_config, I thought perhaps it was getting mangled by Apache2::compat, so I spent much of the day finding and jumping through hoops to get everything to run without that. Though that effort didn't fix the problem I was chasing, it will be better in the long run to not need Apache2::compat, as that would drag down response times.

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Structural Changes

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  • This doesn't fit this JE as well as a previous, but I figured it made sense to post in the most recent JE to maximize available response time.

    Could we get sensible numbers in moderation counts on messages? For whatever reason we've been stuck on this increments-of-10 percentage system for moderations, which almost never makes sense. For example right now I have a comment that is scored (+5, insightful). But if I click on it, a breakdown of "70% insightful, 30% funny" is reported. That of course doesn't make sense, I don't imagine that 10 people would have decided to put mod points into a comment that hasn't been down-moderated at all. I read this as "2 (+1, insightful), 1(+1, funny)" plus my 1 point for having an account and 1 for good karma (I turn down the subscriber point when I post).

    So what I'm trying to say is that integer values for the distribution of moderation would make a lot more sense than the percentages (especially when only increments of 10 are used).

    It might be interesting to see some time a list of when each moderation was applied. The messages give a little bit of info but it would be interesting to have a little more precision on when.
    • Interesting notes. I'll make sure this suggestion is accounted in the current project to improve the comment system.

      Thanks again for continuing to engage and supply constructive feed back.

      • Thank you for your response. Sometimes in the past it seemed like there was no way to actually contact anyone at slashdot - short of sending an email to taco - to provide criticism or point out a bug. I have more than a couple of JEs of my own that are dedicated to bugs, and very few of them ever got much attention.

        If I may point out one other bug, there is a problem in the message system when it tells me of a reply to a comment I left in a JE discussion. In this situation, there should be three relev
        • by f1vlad ( 1253784 ) Works for Slashdot
          Hey damn_registrars, Could you tell me more about the bug? Here's a screenshot: [] -- for me third link links to proper place. Thanks.
          • f1vlad

            I think I might not have described the bug adequately. I see it only when the reply is a reply to a comment I left in a journal entry. In that situation, the third link goes to the firehose instead of the journal entry where the discussion is occurring.

            The image you referenced was for a comment that was a reply to a comment in a story discussion - those work consistently from my experience. If you look now at the message you received telling you that I replied to your comment here in PerlJedi
            • by f2vlad ( 1550607 )
              Well, I did that and still get proper link: [] -- look in status bar, that's what you'd like right? That is a reply to a reply. If you can consistently replicate it, you're probably not telling me something you're doing. Let me know if you can figure it out.
              • The way I read that posted image, you are showing a message for a comment that was posted in your JE, but not in reply to something to said in a comment in the same. So this is not exactly the same.

                The problem I keep running in to goes like this:
                • Someone writes a JE (doesn't matter if the JE is mine or not)
                • I post a comment in the discussion of that JE (doesn't matter if it is a new thread in that discussion, or a reply to an existing thread in the JE discussion - though it does need to be in a JE discu

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