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Well the Hall of fame seems to be working for the few features it offered initially, and a few people have given me some good feedback and suggestions for features it could/should have. Once its been live as is for some period, I'll put my focus back on it, and hopefully implement some of the suggestions I've gotten.

In the mean time, I will be spending some time on back end work. While I may not be able to point to any "shinny new" stuff, I hope readers will see the results of this work in the form of stability, speed, and reliability. I am also looking for a contractor to help me out for a few months with the platform migration to Apache 2 and mod_perl 2... hence the title of this post. If you have a strong background with LAMP stack applications, and think you have what it takes to help us improve slashdot, I am accepting resume's. The position would be short term (2-3 months), but it is a chance to get into slashdot, and show us what you've got.

So, Can you * ? (leave me a comment if interested and I'll get you contact info)


P.S. there is also a full time position open for an entry level/associate engineer on my team. Go Here for details

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Can you /.

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  • Will the metamoderation system be fixed any time soon? I suspect you have a long list of broken stuff to get to, but this one has been an annoyance to me for some time. In case nobody has briefed you on it, here are a couple of things wrong with it (there are probably more):
    • It frequently offers un-moderated comments for moderation. When I have gone to it, I have even had times with not a single comment offered up had actually been moderated in any way.
    • It sometimes offers the user their own comments to metamoderate
    • It doesn't actually seem to do anything, as best anyone can tell. When I've used it, I didn't get moderator points sooner, nor were the comments I metamoderated on changed. What is it supposed to do, anyways? There seem to be conflicting theories on that...

    Good luck - you'll need it.

    • The results of our recent survey showed that the comment system in general (of which I'd consider meta-moderation a component) is the greatest source of frustration from our readers, and as a result we will be giving it a high level of attention in the coming months, which may culminate in a thorough overhaul. I have encouraged, and will continue to do so, my colleagues to begin blog/journaling about their work in the system in the fashion I have, so you may see discussion around that project soon.


      • Thank you for replying. For some reason that hasn't been the norm for a lot of slashdot employees up to this point.

        Regarding the bugs mentioned above (users meta-moderating their own comments, meta-moderation offing non-moderated comments), I will ensure that these issue are investigated (and hopefully fixed) as part of our examination of the comment system.

        I can say that I am not the only person who at times misses the old metamoderation system. It seemed to serve a more clear purpose when the metamoderation offered the chance to actually evaluate moderations on their fairness (or absence thereof) rather that the current system where the user essentially assigns their own moderation.

        Regarding the function/effect of meta-moderation: this system is itself rather abstract, and the effects are not obvious.

        There have been multiple hypotheses regarding the effects of

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