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Why do Conservatives hate the troops?

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  • Because they keep sending them off to die for Her Majesty

  • Answer: Because they're gay.

    We already knew conservatives were gay. All their gay-bashing just screams self-loathing.

    Oh, you meant the troops??? We already knew the troops were gay - where do you think the expression "Comrades in arms" came from? (In Soviet Russia, closet outs YOU!)

  • Republicans don't only hate the troops that are gay.

    Republicans hate the troops because they are almost entirely working class. They hate anyone who works for a living.

    Just in the last 2 years we've seen the Republicans express their hatred for teachers, policemen, and firemen. Garbage men. Construction workers. Plumbers. Remember how they were all calling teachers, police and firemen "bottom feeders" and "parasites" and "scum" during the demonstrations in Madison?

    I think it's safe to say that the Repu

    • Republicans Republicans Republicans! Fuck the republicans.. They're just a bunch of old dixiecrats. Goddamn democrat president could bring 'em home right now if he actually gave a shit about them. Damned if everybody isn't out there believing Jersey Shore is for real.

      • You really do add nothing to the discusssion, you know that? Fuck, even Railgunner* managed to actually string together coherent sentences once in a while.

        *Check, please.
        • What discussion? You guys are just whacking off... There are no republicans, democrats, santa clause, darth vader, none of that. It's pure diversion.. You may as well call it frodo vs. the tree people for all the sense it makes. Whatever... I'm sure the triggerman is very happy to remain completely unnoticed.

    • if the GOP gets its way, it soon won't even need Americans for votes.

      They didn't need votes in 2000, or 2004. And in 2008 they put their guy in without even needing a candidate. All they are showing us for 2012 is a distraction while the real show is being run somewhere else.

      • Shhh.. Nobody wants to hear that... Look at it as fantasy football.. or even profession sports. For instance, nobody in the Chicago Cubs is actually from Chicago. The parallel (corollary?) in your favorite political party should be pretty obvious. But we root for them.. out of what? Familiarity? comfort? Don't exactly know the word, but, like Groucho said, it's something you see every day.

        • Considering how many bookies take bets for political races, that is a pretty sound analogy.

          And of course you can continue it further from there. Who do the sports teams represent? It isn't the cities or states they play in. It is the wealthy people or organizations that pay for their contests.
  • Well, at least last week it was []. I wonder how many weeks we can keep this going for at the rate of once a week?

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