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Journal Chacham's Journal: Introtext and title cannot be empty. 10

Decided i should write a JE just to let people know i'm here. But i kept holding off. Seeing the new slashdot design, i'm glad i did. Not only is it ugly, it's hard to find anything. Oh well. Computers are passing me by. I don't care about these sorts of things anymore. First it was MTV, now Slashdot. Guess i'm finally over the hill.

Anyway, just went to google to search for "average gestation first pregnancy". First link was wikipedia, so i clicked and was greeted by a picture of a naked pregnant woman. Absolutely disgusting. I ranted in the past about the circumcision picture (i'd link to it, but i'm too lazy to figure out how to find the full JE listing in the re-design). Wikipedia has an agenda. I don't care who or what. Of course i'm wrong, just ignore me, i'm a loser who likes to rant.

I've been playing Rift. I canceled by subscription (Tomorrow would be the first month they charge for, game opened last month with one-month included in purchase price). As a keyboarder, i find the mouse use too much. I was hurting my back reaching for it. It's a young game, i know. They're fixing things, i know. You need a mouse for games like this, i know. Nonetheless, the fact is my back was hurting. The AH and mail system are a pain to use extensively, and they do not allow add-ons. Also, PvP was fun at first (i'm horrible at PvP, i always lose, and yet i liked it in this game) but after level 20 it was all about the stuns (baby). So, i'm back to being horrible at PvP at don't like it. And Stonefield was drabby and the rain just made me not want to play the area. They did a great job on Sanctum and Meridian, stupid design, but it did look real nice. Silverwood and Freemarch were nice, but all the other areas were blah. Not interested.

The clincher was the 1.1 patch. What did it add? More rifts. Yay! And more scantily clad female NPCs. I mean, really. Of course the head of the Defiants, the strongest women in the game, doesn't wear too much armor. And why do traveling merchants need clothes? Alsbeth, she's dead already. Dead people don't need clothes. Unless they're male, they grow clothes, naturally, of course.

Rift is a pretty cool game and has a lot of potential. It's definitely worth checking out, and i have a good feeling the developers are going to make it better, as they have been doing so far. It's likely i'll come back to the game soon enough, but for now, i'm taking a break.

So, that's that. I'm still following JE titles in email, interesting/informative titles might get read, which means i ignore 99% of the JEs i see, which is almost nothing nowadays anyway. If i read it, i'll almost always try to give you a moo, unless you're being useless or disgusting. I'm a cranky old man and best left ignored.

Anyone want to purchase a 3 digit uid? :P

[Arg! Can't see the edit text and preview at the same time? What sort of idiots are designing these things anyway?! Well, that pretty much settles it. Don't expect anymore JEs from me. It's just too frustrating. Sorry about the quality of this JE. This interface is not inviting.

Where's my typewriter anyway?)

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Introtext and title cannot be empty.

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  • a picture of a naked pregnant woman. Absolutely disgusting

    I know! What could be more disgusting than God's creation in the female form, combined with the miracle of incubating a new life?

    Mad at the world today? :)

    • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

      Sheesh, can't even pick on wikipedia in relative peace. What is the world coming too...


      • by Qzukk ( 229616 )

        Nope. BTW, if you ever think of doing this again, bookmark []

        Even though the style is all jacked up on it, it sucks less than the New and Deproved version of the journal entry screen. It's preview even has the edit box at the bottom.

        • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

          Thanx, that would help immensely. My writing can be quite poor, but with proper editing, well, i'm sure you know the drill.

          Searching old JEs is also big to me, as i love to link to them. Someone gave me the link once. Overall, i think i just want it easy. There's no real reason to stick to it here. The thought in my mind is to blog elsewhere (the little that i do, ha ha) or maybe just run slashcode 1.0 or something on my own (or friend's) server.

  • Dude, I turned 59 the day you posted this!

    First link was wikipedia, so i clicked and was greeted by a picture of a naked pregnant woman.

    What? Huh? What's disgusting about nude women? You want disgusting, look up wikipedia's entry on Vitrectomy [].

    Where's my typewriter anyway?

    Ok, young man, I'll get off your lawn.

    • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

      Heh. It's not that a nude woman is disgusting (that perhaps is a different discussion entirely), it's that they have such pictures openly available. Apparently, this was one of the things the editors fought over some time back. To me, wikipedia is an R rated site.

      As for age, i'm guessing it's a mental state. I might be a youthful 38 in body, with you being half of that in relation to--perhaps acceptance of-- the world. I mean not to step on your toes. Stay on the lawn, i probably have a lot to learn from y

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        My dad called me on my birthday -- "You're an old man, you know," he told me. I said I didn't feel old, and I don't.

        I have a friend about your age (I'm a year older than her late father) who says I'm younger than her ex-boyfriend, who's her age. "He just sits around watching TV and bitching," she says. "You take be to the bar and laugh and joke and have a good time."

        I told my daughter that her grandpa said I was old. "You're not old," she said. "Not until next year!"

        My dad says "well, I gues you're not old

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