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Journal Shadow Wrought's Journal: !Fan 7

That's not actually true. However, I've noticed that the little blue buttons indicating a Fan are not showing up. Friend, Friend of Friend and Foe of Friend are working. Just not Fan.

I'm not a coder, web designer, or admin, but I do wonder how you manage to have 75%. 100% and 0% I can understand. It's the 75% that just seems wrong.
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  • I hadn't even noticed it. I just checked my fans list and indeed the icon doesn't even show up there. For a while in some discussions relationships were shown in text anyways, where I did see "fan" show up. I guess I hadn't even noticed that it wasn't being represented graphically anymore.

    Of course now I need to find a different bug for this week...
    • I guess I hadn't even noticed that it wasn't being represented graphically anymore.

      I noticed it all of the sudden in a response from Tom Hudson. I had made an attempt at humor and it sounded like she took it literal. Then I noticed the blue dot was gone and thought, "Holy sh!t, did she unfriend me? Over that?" So I checked my Fans page and sure enough, no blue.

      Maybe the blue is broken? Maybe they just didn't want blue balls anymore? (giggity) I have no idea. I just really don't understand how it
      • They also screwed up the link from a message (as in one with a link on a logged-in user's front page) to a JE, if the message is a reply to a JE. Said message has two (or three, if it is a reply to a message as opposed to a reply to a JE you wrote); the last one still ends up as a generic link to the firehose that doesn't end up going anywhere because it is malformed.

        You may be right that they are trying to keep people away from actually reading (and for that matter, writing) journal entries.

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